On Easter Island

At Easter Island

" Is the Polynesian island in the southeast Pacific. We' ll tell you how to connect to the Internet on Easter Island. New ChileGob WiFi system allows you to connect to Hanga Roa for free. ETHNONYMS Easter Island: Isla de Pascua, Pito-O-Te Henua, Rapa Nui Orientation Identification. Perhaps this is not everyone's cup of tea, but the Moai "heads" on Easter Island have corpses.

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On Easter Island, almost all establishments have access to the web, in some cases via a computer that is available to clients, and in others there is a WiFi network, although it usually only serves the communal areas and not the rooms. Both cases are still very sluggish and are often disconnected. An increasing number of huts and some camp sites also provide WiFi services, but the further away they are from the centre of town, the less the connections will be, although it should be enough to send e-mails and communicate.

Cellular signals on the island only work in Hanga Roa and not always correct. Shyly, it is being expanded to other places on the island, such as Rano Raraku, and it is expected that it will soon reach the shores of Anakena. To get a more reliable access to the web, you will need to go to some of the few facilities in Hanga Roa that have a computer and printer.

Finally, it should be recalled that it is not common for cafes and restuarants to have high-speed connections. In 2016, the Sub-Secretariat for Telecommunications (Subtel), together with the local government, established the first Chilean government's WiFi wireless local area networks. The WiFi ChileGob contributes to improving the quality of WiFi connections in the most endangered areas of Chile, which have few alternative ways of connecting to the World Wide Web.

More than 1000 ChileGob WiFi areas are estimated to exist across the nation, serving the people of remote, tribal, rural as well as low-income areas. On Easter Island, especially in downtown Hanga Roa, three free WiFi areas have been established at Tongariki Cultural Center in front of Pea Beach, Ringo Kainga Square in front of City Council and Tekena Toro Square at the junction of Te Pito o Te Henua and Atamu Tekena highways.

It is a small leap forward to offer the island's residents and tourists broadband and to further reduce the island's current global distinction. Each WiFi zone ChileGob has free WiFi connection and each meeting lasts 30 min, with the option of re-enable. Users can be connected to the services from any devices such as a PC, smart phone or workstation.

What is the ChileGob WiFi area? When the WiFi connectivity is enabled in the unit, the various available wireless LANs appear. Choose the Zona ChileGob area. You will see a welcome page on your machine where you must click the "Next" pushbutton. You will see a pop-up box indicating that you have successfully launched your current sessions.

You can view the amount of work required during the whole meeting. You' re out in 30 mins. When you want, and the Zona ChileGob entry point has user availabilities, you can launch a new one. To end the meeting 30 min ago, click on the tab "Finalizar sesi├│n".

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