When to Visit Samoa

If you should visit Samoa

Explore fun activities, history, culture, beaches and attractions in American Samoa, a US territory in the South Pacific. You have 10 good reason to like Samoa When you are looking at the South Pacific you should consider fleeing to the beautiful coasts of Samoa. Featuring a hot and humid tropic weather, the scenic islets are a paradise for those looking for a little bit of surfing, beach and sands. Samoa is a secret jewel in the Pacific Ocean, home to cascades, green dales, jagged volcanos and whitish sands.

These are ten good reason why you'll like Samoa. The fascinating nature of Samoa cannot be denied. It is a quiet haven, the beach here remains untouched and undiscovered. Vulcan scenery and verdant hills form the ideal setting, with luxuriant rainforests just waiting to be discovered. An additional benefit of being near the Pacific is the richness of sea food.

There is a wide range of shellfish to eat, from tunas and crabs to eel and squid. Try a shellfish lettuce with crisp bluefin tuna, vegetable and coir milks. Samoa's main attractions are its lovely sands. Glittering banks invites the sun-seeking to a relaxed insular lifestyle, whether it' swimmin', sunbathing or snorkel.

You will find here tasty products with lots of fruits every morning of the year. Try Samoan food and buy handmade gifts. There' are a number of reputable travel agencies that will take you to the ocean to capture the largest fishing you' ve ever seen, from giant yellowfin to breathtaking marlins.

Vacationers of all age groups will enjoy being there with these soft giant. In the wetlands of Satoalepai, the visitor can go swimming with the tortoises or find tortoises at the seas. Samoa's clear water is the ideal place for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Below the sea floor you will find a treasure trove of marine life, with a school of tropic fishing, stunningly beautiful sea life and even wrecks. To enjoy nature is a must when you visit such an enchanting area. Off the sand you can explore the blossoming green of the O Le Pupu-Pue National Park coast forrest.

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