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Travel tips for Cook Islands

I hope this unfortunate incident does not prevent you from travelling abroad. Family Holidays in the Cook Islands. Mathew Williams-Ellis (picture below) is a freelance travel, documentary, real estate and landscape photographer.

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The most things have been discussed somewhere in this forums, but here are a few tips: Rent avehicle - We used Icelandcarrental. It took me about five to get my driver's license in the city. ATMs in Muri and Avarua. Two supermarkets in Avarua. Swim - We took our own aquashoes from stock.

Saturdays/Sundays - Avarua closes on Saturday at 2 pm and does not open until Monday. Shop for souvenirs - best in the city. Pearls for less than in the city. Sun cream - remember and insect repellent (we had no problem, but some folks do it). Servicing - no problem at all with the servicing.

In fact, the only "poorer" example of "non-native" services.

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We' re often asked about the best season to go to the Cook Islands, and the reality is - there is no such thing as a poor one. Then why travel? Then why travel? The largest monthly arrival on the islands is September. Englishspeaking and Cook Islands Maori is the native tongue.

If you have any questions regarding berths or information for ocean-going ships, please contact: - Ports Authority PO Box 84 Rarotonga, Cook Islands. It is forbidden to camp in the Cook Islands. On Rarotonga there is a frequent coach connection around the islands and you can get a detailled schedule at every hotel and most stores. You can rent a car or scooter, but all riders must have a recent Cook Islands license - that cost NZ$20, is a great gift and an even better way to collect taxes for the Cook Islands government.

Island Car & Bike Hire in Arorangi on the western coastline hires out coaches. It is denominated in New Zealand dollars, but you can buy Cook Islands Souvenirs. Clothing is nonchalant, but as with most islands in the Caribbean and Asia, it is regarded as indecent to be wearing almost nothing when you visit cities or cities.

Users can obtain these as well as e-mail and web content from the Telecom Cook Islands in Avarua. ATMs are available on Rarotonga. You can only connect to the web via Wi-Fi and maps can be bought from Telecom Cook Islands. A number of hostels have Wi-Fi connection, some only for their guest, as well as Telecom in Avarua.

The Rarotonga is a favourite place for honeymooners who want to get divorced and spend their honeymoons in the South Pacific Islands. Be sure to go to an insular night if you want to see one of the main charms of the Cook Islands - drums and music. Please note, however, that you do not need to take the meals that are normally served in a hotel or other places that host them.

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