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January 2017 New Zealand

Putzmeister press conference with New Zealand's Prime Minister Bill English: After New Year's Day, 2 January, Monday 4 January (Monday). The xx will be returning to New Zealand in January next year. Eight years ago they re-calibrated the world of music with their pioneering debut'xx'. His unmistakable styling became the most praised publication of the year. With the audience favourites'Intro','Crystalised' and'Shelter' the album'xx' won the renowned Mercury Music Prize 2010 for the best record of the year.

xx members are Romy Madley Croft (guitar, vocals), Oliver Sim (bass, vocals) and Jamie Smith (beats, MPC, production), also known as Jamie xx. The xx are one of the most sought-after groups that are sold out in Europe and the USA, as well as headliner groups all over the globe.

New Zealand 2017 Qantas ODI Tour

2018 Australian Croquet. The guardian of Australian crime, it has the ambition to be Australia's favorite game. Unite over 1.3 million Australians who play in a game of crash. Make your own crisis moments. You can take your knicket with you everywhere! Receive the latest results, headlines, latest headlines, latest events, latest events, latest events, latest events, latest news, live radio and live video streaming.

Women March Aotearoa New Zealand

On January 21, 2017, million of individuals worldwide took part in the biggest ever worldwide protest on behalf of women's inequality. In 2018, Women's March Aotearoa New Zealand chose #LookBackMarchForward #KaMuaKaMuri to meet at Te Puna M?tauranga o Aotearoa, National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, for the first year of the Women's March.

This was also the first great occasion in a significant year in the story of Aotearoa New Zealand - the celebration of the women's right to vote for the first time.

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The Kepler is the only one of all great hikes that has been considered a "classic" from the very beginning. It was opened in 1988, when the Department of Conservation combined several rarely used itineraries in the Kepler Mountains into a well-developed route to reduce the number of hikers rushing onto the Milford and Routeburn trails.

It was completely foreseeable that he would fail with this in mind and instead offer another high-level hike of several days in this beautiful part of New Zealand. However, its appeal seems to show that a song does not necessarily have to be an old M?ori greenhouse track or a place of collective struggle, or even the decades-old echo of discoverers, hunting, hitchhiking and the like, to be touching in a manpowered underworld.

Kepler Track crosses a bold line over some of Fiordland's peaks and combines many different nature characteristics - caves made of lime, pastures of mountain vegetation, woods of lowlands and two monumentally large ponds. He will also return to his departure from Te Anau like a huge Ouroboro (the snake of nature that devoured its own tail) after leading you across a rugged rim of Fiordland.

The hike lasts between three and four working day and can be done either counterclockwise or CW. The Kepler climbs from Te Anau to Brod Bay softly enough through a wood of copper and hornbeam on the outskirts of Te Anau Lakes, the biggest sea on the South Island.

Tougher work begins with climbing up the east-facing Brod Bay to the bush line through an enchanting lichen-covered forrest. It zigzagged a few itineraries, then climbed slowly before starting under the north faces of Mt Luxmore. In fact, the Kepler Trail, of all the hikes described in this volume, has the greatest interest for those with a geographical inclination.

An early departure the next morning allows you to run all the way to Rainbow Reach parking lot (seven to eight hours) or Te Anau Outputlet in 10-11 h. However, most of us like the five or six hrs hike down Mount Iri' Bur to stay a third overnight in the Moturau hut on the shore of the lake Manap?uri.

Crossing several marshes, the path arrives at the Waiau River, where you can take a shuttlesail to Te Anau at Rainbow Reach Bridges (in summer). Other than that, the path leads through woods and river landscapes for three further hrs to close the loop at Lake Te Anau.

Since Captain Cook's first stinking brewery in 1773 to the IPA' s that dominated today's artisan world, small Southern brewers have influenced New Zealand's brewing world. On the top level of a Blenheim Hotel, I was with a group of 16 Americans on a New Zealand trip with National Geographic.

One of the things we recorded was Awesome Forces, a tragic story about how the earthquake and other geologic changes have affected the area. There are no quakes in Auckland; here we simply sit and watch the next volcano cones stretch its heads out of the earth and suffocate us with melted volcanoes and suffocating ashes.

When does the render fall off the floor? It was actually the second quake the group had seen in New Zealand - although the first was metaphoric. For us on the outskirts, too, seismic events are undermining our feeling of confidence and wellbeing. As one of the Christchurch diocesan Catholics pray for the victims of the quake, God asks "to be their bedrock when the ground is refusing to rest and to protect them under their doors when there are no more houses and offices".

"Things are changing, get used to it," James Norcliffe wrote in a collection of poetry about the Canterbury earthquake.

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