Bahamas Bonefishing Resorts

Bonefishing Resorts in the Bahamas

Sleeping's Cay Bonefishing Lodge Sweeting's Cay Grand Bahama Bahamas Hotels in Grand Bahama Hotels, um in Grand Bahama Hotels, um in Grand Bahama zu ├╝bernachten. The lodges range from world-class, all-inclusive resorts to much simpler rates. Hidden on the remote island of San Salvador, our all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas offers world-class diving and pristine white sandy beaches. Harbour Island Resort is located on the legendary pink sandy beach in the Bahamas. To the south all reviews lead androsgrouperbone fishingnatadamsbahamasisland.

Nice, isolated sandy beaches! - Report/Map from Bishop's Bonefish Resort, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

I had a long week-end at Bishop's Bonefish Resort, alias Bishop's Place, on Grand Bahama. It was coincidental - we saw a great flight to Grand Bahama and don't like overcrowded resorts, so we were looking for an "out of the way" place. Bishop's the one.

Its small guesthouse is located on a beautiful 14 miles long shore and it is unlikely that you will see another guest on the sands. Bed linen and bath linen always smelt so crisp and clear - it made me laugh! By the time we got to the ground, he was gone before we knew it.

We' re used to hiring large mansions with en-suite swimming pool and having a little luxurious holidays, so we weren't sure how we'd like Bishop's. It' s an unbeatable sandy area. He had a great meal at his restaurant/bar and he's making an amazing Bahama Mama! For other comforts, he provides deck chair for the sea, and there is a small cabin that had some water sports (kayaks, etc.) right in front of you.

They' re also about to build a really sweet seaside spot on the sands.

The Salina Point Inn Bonefish Lodge, Motel, Lodge.....

Salina Point Inn Bonnefish Welcome to Salina Point Inn Bonnefishodge! An airy, beautiful chalet on an unspoilt, remote, sandy stretch of unspoilt beaches at Salina Point Acklins, Bahamas. Acklins Bay is an ideal place for tidal foraging large bony fish. Situated on a wipeable apartment. Lodging is really beautiful, so this is the natural option for couple who want to enjoy the unbelievable Bahamian angling world.

The Salina Point Inn Lodge is a hiding place in the truest meaning of the name! We' re happy to take care of your angling events and your holiday groups. Acklin' ten hectares of untouched beauty are waiting for your visitors, because we will spoil you just as Acklin's islanders could. If you want to take this unique individual on an unforgetable trip or a fisherman' s feast in quest of the hard to catch fish or a lobster and sea bass supper or regattas, we have it all at Salina Point Inn Bonnefish Inn Lodge!

Enjoy the days at Castle Island or fish in the cay! The Salina Point Inn Bonefish is the newest of Acklins Island's lodges, located next to a beautiful apartment on an unspoilt sandy area. Salina Point Inn Bonefish and Bonefish Laodge has a large dining room where your meal is prepared, a large lounge and a large lounge.

There is a large swimming pool, a swimming pool, a swimming pool, a fishing area and a bathroom. Supper is Bahamanian and is available between 19:00 and 19:30. Angling: While you fish at Salina Point Bonefishing Lodge, you will fish mainly in the central and south part of the island of Acklins. It is an unbelievable bony fish sanctuary, with kilometres of plains, mangrove and stream system along the coast.

Here you will find schoolings of bonefishes as well as some bigger bonefishes. Most of the apartments are easy to wade and offer good possibilities for fishermen to cast for flatwater fishing. The Salina Point is a great place if you are looking for a wide range of fishing that you can find in the apartments.

The Salina Point Lodge provides seven (7) day do-it-yourself calf angling (3 days) and boating guidance (3 days). Do-it-Yourself fans will find useful information on where to go and how to take these beautiful flatfish with them for dinner.

They are taken by watercraft every day, kayaked and collected by a Salina Point employee. Watercraft/captains are available to perform this work! Once you are in the chalet, there is no need to depart until the next day of your departure!

You' ll sleep on a fished-type apartment, with your watercraft, tethered in your bedroom. There is a very varied programme here - every single days fishermen will fish a different part of the lake and see new plains and streaming. There' s also an exquisite apartment right in front of the chalet with fish, trigger fish and barracudas just a litter away.

Acklin' s Island is one of the least known of the Bahamas and Acklin' s includes the south and south-east parts of the area. Surrounded by the almost deserted Castle Island and Long Cay, they are as wild as they were when the Bahamas were first explored. Columbus is said to have travelled on the lee side of the island through the Crooked Island Passage, which since then has been an important steamship lane from Europe to Central and South America.

Acklins Bay is more than 1000 sq. m. of flatwaters. It is one of the biggest areas for bony fish in the Bahamas. The exploration of this system of plains, streams, canals and mangroves could take a whole life. Every fortnight there are two Bahamasair to Acklins Island.

You should make plans to stay the whole nights in Nassau before going to Acklins. Ensure that you are in Spring Point, Acklins and that you are leaving the aircraft on Acklins Island, as the aircraft will serve more than one city. ACKLINS!

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