Easter Chile

Chile at Easter

Humanitarian situation reports, news, analyses, evaluations, assessments, maps, information graphics and more on Easter Island (Chile) Mesmerising landscapes and secrets of the Moai: a luxurious Chile adventure holiday that includes the Atacama Desert and Easter Island. Easter Island and Chile - The official Globe Trekker Website

He travels through Chile from the most arid deserts in the hemisphere to the southernmost point off the Antarctic Ocean. Almost three thousand leagues of breathtaking scenery embrace a huge and wonderful land with a multitude of terrain and climate zones. Atacama' s torrid drought is a great keeper of humanity and Ian sees gorgeous mountain geolytes made centuries ago and old cocoons whose shiny dark coat is still cleanly woven.

The Lama peasants are continuing the path of their ancestors in the northerly desert, the advanced technologies of the world's biggest astronomical sight and the sight of a Pilgrim' journey of tens of thousand followers.... to the geographic and business center of the country - Santiago. Southbound from Santiago Ian to Temuco on a 1930s luxury parade to see the Mapuche Indians still struggling to preserve their own languages and identities in their battle against Chile' colonization.

In the vicinity, across the lake and volcanos, living former patients of the eighth generations, who were able to maintain their mother tongue and their unmistakable architectural style, musical style and whirlpool. Towards the end of his journey Ian heads to Robinson Crusoe Island, called after Daniel Defoe's famed novel Robinson Crusoe, which plays there.

Eventually, 2,000 leagues westward of Santiago, Ian ends his trip on Easter Island, the world' s most secluded populated place. They are Polynesians separated from the Chilean continent and the islands are also home to vast defensive muai, which remains one of the greatest archeological secrets of all times.

Wonder where to go next? We' ve traveled all over South America, to Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil - in quest of the....

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