Easter Island Continent

The Continent of Easter Island

Global bee populations in decline The results have made them a truly exceptional breed. An Apícola Center of the Mayor University (CeapiMayor) and the Corporación Apícola Chile (Cach), supported by the Fundación para la Innovación Agraria (FIA), found that these honeybees are the only ones worldwide that are free of germs, virus, mites and fungus.

In the opinion of a number of specialists, it is great news for the island and the whole know. There are about 20,000 bee colonies on our globe, which are the most important pollinators, but their populations are decreasing due to pesticide and sickness. As the island has no winter time of year, the beehive is alive all year round, like the blooming flowers of Raffa Nui.

Beekeepers' beekeepers' physical state on the island would allow them to establish a biological reserve and even allow them to import queen bee colonies and saplings. It' likely that these are a new kind of bee. The cache chairman Patricio Madariaga also stresses the need to protect the island's apiaries. 90% of fertilization on the island is done by honeybees, we do not see any other pollinator, so it is important to keep them intact.

You can see the beehives in rocks and in caverns. The honey made on the island has a taste and a flavour of Guave, bananas, which is an interesting plus for the marke.

Osterinsel Reisebericht - Easter Island Forum

Arrived just from 5 rain holidays on Easter Island. Though it hasn't rained all the while, there's hardly enough to keep you occupied for more than 3 nights, so schedule accordingly. They are very interesting, as is the story behind them, but once you have circumnavigated the island to the archaeological places, that's all.

Once we rented a vehicle because of the rains and walked around a little, but many of the streets to places that weren't on the route are in very bad shape and needed 3WD. On Easter Island a great deal of spending is made. The Manutara Hotel was chosen and we believe that we made the best decision.

It' one of the prettier homes, but it's no better than a two-startel. We had a good continent breakfasts and the waiters were courteous and supportive. Situated directly opposite the international airports, the resort is within walking distance. It offers transfer to and from the beach, but you can reach it within 5 minuts.

By the way, there are hundred of big hounds that roam the island and the city. Wish we had kept it to two full day and spend more onshore.

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