Where is Palau Island

So where' s Palau Island?

Koror Island is the beating heart of the country and the entry point for most visitors. Impartial, detailed information on the best route to Palau, where you can stay and when you can visit us. Viewed from above, the islands of Palau look like a green calligraphy on an empty sea corn field. Contact information of the Federal Foreign Office. hkyota@palauembassy.

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Palau Island Range is made up of about 200 West Pacific Isles, 650 km south-east of the Philippines. There are only eight permanent populations on the island. The geology varies from the tall, hilly, biggest island, Babelthuap, to the low calcareous island, which is usually lined with large barriere islets.

It is said that the native colonists of Palau came from Indonesia as early as 2500 B.C. The location of the Palau Isles on the west border of Oceania and their closeness to Southeast Asia have formed a diverse populations of Malaysia, Melanesia, the Philippines and Polynesia. Researched by the Spaniard Ruy López de Villalobos in 1543, the island stayed in Spain's possession for more than 300 years before Spain bought it in Germany in 1899.

During the First World War, Japan invaded Palau and in 1920 was elected by the League of Nations. It stayed under Japan's rule and was an important navy force until the US confiscated it during the Second World war. Following the outbreak of the conflict, the United Nations Trustee (1947), managed by the U.S. Palau, became a United Nations trustee and in 1992 a Compact of Free Association with the U.S. undertook the United States to give financial assistance in return for the right to construct and operate U.S. military installations in Palau.

In 1994 Palau became a supreme state. Former Vice-President Tommy Remengesau won the 2000 Presidency in a ceremony in which he was awarded the first prize. Former Taiwan veteran Taiwan veteran Johnson Toribiong beat China's Deputy Chairman Elias Camsek with 51%-49% in December 2008. Tommy Remengesau was appointed Chairman for another tenure in November 2012. Mr Remengesau took up his duties for the second year on 17 January 2013.

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In 1994, Palau became self-sufficient after being part of a United Nations fiduciary agency managed by the United States for 47 years. Palau's biggest employers are the administration. Monolithes and other relicts are reminiscent of an old civilization that flourished on the island, and despite the remains of the west, many Palau people strongly identified with their own rituals and customs.

Palau's recent past is marked by external factors from Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and the USA. The city of Palau experienced some of the toughest battles in the area during World War II. The year 1885 - Spain claims its right to the island. In 1899 - Spain sold Palau to Germany, which began to plunder the island's natural resource with local people.

TRANSACTIONS: 1914 - After Germany's First World War conquest, Japan conquers Palau. The United States will retain full defense and the right to run US base operations. And Palau will join the UN.

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