Easter Island Itinerary

Isle of Easter Itinerary

We're going to Chile in March and I need help with the itinerary. In the following example programs you will find the Easter Island. ("Easter Island & Tahiti Tour"). Atacama Desert of Chile; Easter Island.

Moai structures on Easter Island and the geoglyphs of the Atacama Desert have been confusing and delighting people for centuries.


Pass the runway and the petrol tank and take the first entry on the lefthand side and then the second unpaved track on the right, which will take you to the Vinapu area (1). Leave the Vinapu area, following the street that goes along the runway until the crossroads and take the way on the lefthand side that goes to the satellites and to the Rano Kau vulcano (2).

The viewpoint leads to the Orongo ceremony town ( (3), where the famous Birdman competition took place. At the end of this trip it is perfect to go back to Hanga Roa for dinner and to get ready for the second part of the team. If you leave Hanga Roa on the street to Anakena, take the roundabout turn to your lefthand side with the signposted "Hanga Roa 3", only 100 metres further is Ahu Huri A Urenga (5).

Later, following the inner trail, take the diversion to Puna Pau(6), the rock pit from which the rock was mined to make Pukao's pukao mats. After about 3.2 mile turn right to Ahu Akivi (7), the large 7 moon deck that connects the traditions with the first 7 discoverers who came to Easter Island.

When you have finished your tour, follow the same street towards the coastline. The Ahu Te Peu (9) is located on the coastline and is surrounded by a large number of archeological relics. Ana Te Pora (10) and Ana Kakenga (11) or "the Cavern of the two windows" are located on the way back to Hanga Roa along the coastline.

It ends in the area of Tahai (12), which is one of the best places on Easter Island to observe the sundown. The best way to begin the excursion is early in the Anthropological Museum (13), as this will help you to better comprehend the island. When you are finished, which should not take more than an hours or an half, take the street that goes across the island towards Anakena (14) until you reach this beautiful Easter Island sands.

Try the tasty dishes of Anakena' s fish, cheeses and tomatoes. A kilometre from Anakena you will come to Ovahe (16), the other island with its rose sand. Follow the coast street to the easterly direction until Te Pito Kura (17).

This trail goes past the Poike vulcano (20) and takes you to one of the island's greatest gems, Ahu Tongariki (21). Follow the coast road, this times in a southerly direction, three kilometres from Ahu Tonariki, is the roundabout route to Rano Raraku (22). It is one of the most important and emphasized pages of any Easter Island-journey.

Returning, the street leads past various archaeological remnants, which are interesting to stop and look at. Ahu Akahanga (23) with his house boat remnants and Ahu Hanga Te'e(24) is among them.

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