Easter Island area

The Easter Island area

Remaining symbols of the rise and fall of Easter Island and the. With an area of only 64 square kilometres, Easter Island is the most isolated habitable country in the world. Eastern Island: entire coastline of Rapid Nui Looking through the extensive Easter Island books, many contradictory characters are released for the island's terrestrials. Easter Island was created on the basis of a 1:25,000 aerial map created by the IGM (Instituto Geográfico Militar de Chile) and taken by SAF (Servicio Aerofotogramétrico de la Fuerza Aérea de Chile) in August 2004.

The geodetic reference system SIRGAS(WGS84) was used for vector mapping in the UTM project area 12 (central ameridian 111°W), which is laid out for graphical representations on a 1:10,000 ruler with contours every 5m. We have calculated that the precise area of the Easter Island Easter Island projected coast poly is 16,357.4026 ha and after application of the UTM mean UTM quadratic area for the island a revised value of 16,359.7354 ha or 40,425.6209 acre is obtained, which applies to the zero outline at mean ocean depth.

Thus, the Easter Island expanse is round to the next tenth of a point, 163.6 sq km or 63.2 sq m. The Easter Island has a total area of 163.6 sq km.

The world' s largest marine reserve off the Easter Island coast

Off the Easter Island coastline, one of the world's biggest sea conservation areas has been established. Rapa Nui Maritime Reserve, covering 740,000 square kilometres, is about the equivalent of Chile's continental shelf and will cover at least 142 native sea creatures, 27 of which are endangered. Eduardo Sorensen/The Pew Charitable TrustThe new Easter Island coastline sanctuary is home to at least 142 different types of sea.

A staggering 77% of the Pacific Ocean's fishing wealth is found here, and recent explorations have uncovered several new marine life previously unheard of in the world. Some of the pirates found in the sanctuary areas are dwarf, dwarf, hump and bluewhales and four kinds of turtles. The Pew Bertarelli Oceans LEGAY REALY REALITY REAL ITY REAL ESTATE PLACE DEVELOPERATION MANAGER Matt Rand, Pew Bertarelli OCEAN LEGAY REALY PROJECT's head, said:

"It will be of great importance globally for the preservation of the world' s seas and the way of living of tribal peoples. Marinepark was first unveiled at a 2015 meeting at which former US Vice Chancellor Barack Obama explained his "special passion for the sea" in a film.

After five years of consultation, the establishment of the Maritime Parks was made possible by the 73% approval of the 3,000 people on Easter Island who voted for it. The mineral extraction industry and commercial fisheries are prohibited within the reservation, but Rape Nui are permitted to pursue their tradition of small-scale artisan fisheries by using stone towropes.

Luídovíc Burns Tuki, the leader of the Mesa de mar governing body of more than 20 Rapá Nui groups, said: "This is a historical event - a great and wonderful one for the Rape Nui, for the planet and for our seas. Following the establishment of a similar Marine Sanctuary around the Pitcairn Islands last year, a proposal for a conservation area in the Austral asian territorial water could soon result in a conservation area of more than 2 million sqkm.

With the advent of worldwide climate changes, some research suggests that sea reservations can also help alleviate the effects of climatic changes and create a crucial coal seep. Depth, clarity and chill around Easter Island is also a resistant area for the reef. While the International Union for Conservation of Nature has demanded that 30 per cent of the world's seas be preserved, only about 1.6 per cent have so far been sheltered.

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