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The island was incorporated into Chile in 1888 and leased to a shear company. Consequently, the Rape naui were driven out of their houses and relocated to the only city on the island - Hanga Roa. In order to minimise the effects on archeology, the chilenean forestry group CONAF has been monitoring the archeological places for many years.

Today, Chile' s Michelle Bachelet has formally returned official ownership of these archaeological places to the natives by handing them over to a community unit named Mau Enhu. "As Camilo Rapu, Ma'u Henua's CEO, says, "The first thing that will be changed from today and in the future is that all the choices that are made here on the island will be made by the Rappa Mui.

It is a great source of great hopes and excitement about the reforestation of the island with indigenous vegetation, as it was a thousand years ago. He is also concerned with making choices about the certifying of guides and the restoring of old memorials, as he wants to involve not only Ma'u Henua but the entire Raa naui people.

In the last two years after the road blockade by Rapa Nui's parliament in 2015, much has changed. Ma'u Henua was founded and began to manage the CONAF together with the CAF. Chile's legislation on migration has been passed by the country's government and is about to be implemented. Now the archeological site has been transferred to the Ma'u Henua area.

Was all this due to the road blockade in 2015? The majority of the population believe that the Rafa Nui generally want Chile an independent country and that everyone is behind the 2015 road blockade war. The majority of Cana Nui inhabitants and inhabitants of this island do not want to be independent of Chile. Then one of the first objectives would certainly be the management of chilen migration.

The majority of the population, even the Chilean population, agrees that this would be a necessary action on this small island with such a delicate patrimony of culture and archaeology as this one. Since this island belongs to Chile, the Chilean can move here today without restrictions. Although without a Rape Nui husband they would have to lease a home, as only Rape Nui can own property here.

There' s a small group of politicians named Rapida Nui Parliament with a few hundred members at work. Its primary objective is to become independent of Chile. The first response was to the fact that the government of Chile postponed the handling of migration controls and to the fact that it acted as an act of general dissatisfaction with Chile' s arrogance and historic injustice to Mr Nui in the past.

There has been a dispute not only between the Rapa Nui Parliament and Chile, but also between the Rapa Nui Parliament with followers and the remainder of the island population. The dispute erupted on 15 August when the Rapa Nui Parliament tried to bill all visitors the $60 entrance fees previously levied by the CONAF Parks Authority.

The 29 August the Rapa Nui Parliament freed its members from the archeological and roadblocks and detained those who tried to collect an entrance tax. Officially, CONAF will only return on a temporary basis until such time as there is a better understanding by regional leaders and parishioners of what to do with the archeological site and who should be responsible for it.

Until now, it was CONAF (Corporación Nacional Forestal), a chilenean organisation that administers forest, afforestation and fire in the country's protected areas. You do not have a regular archeologist in your own archaeological department here, on an island that is quite simply about archeology. Although one may not be able to endorse the Rapa Nui Parliament from an ideological point of view, this would certainly not have been possible without it.

Show all contributions to the 2015 Road Blocking Crisis. Policemen have now evacuated streets and archeological places and members of the parliament of Rapa Nui. Since August 16, the funds collected by visitors to the Rapa Nui Parliament for visiting the archeological site were kept by a former financial supporter of the group.

Part of the inquiry is the option of restitution of the funds to the Rapa Nui Parliament. Rapa Nui's Parliament Speaker Leviante Araki was also arrested last night when the CONAF Parc Ranger were prevented from walking by the roadblock at Hua Reva (south coast). Protesting against the imprisonment of members of the Rapa Nui Parliament and in order to pursue the struggle against Chile' s independence, the same group of individuals have taken over the Hanga Piko working harbour and prevented any dumping of goods from the North.

Officially it is said that CONAF will preserve the reserve only on a temporary basis, at least until October 25, new suggestions to take over the area. The road blockade conflicts of 2015 seem to be coming to an end with the interventions of the policemen. Show all contributions to the 2015 Road Blocking Crisis.

This is the first intervention by policemen since the Rapa Nui Parliament began more than four month ago. Parliamentarians were arrested by Rapa Nui Leviante Araki and Mario Tuki last night when they prevented visitors from entering the old ceremony town of Orongo because they had not payed for the tickets. The municipality had heard of the Rapa Nui Parliament's plans to levy an admission tax a few day before.

The results we see now that the policemen are patrolling the streets and archeological places to stop the Raffa Nui Parliament from detaining visitors who have not payed them. One of the heads of the Parliament of Rapa Nui, Mario Tuki, explained: Second, to move the island domination in the right directions.

A large cruiser with two thousand people was arriving the next morning after the Rapa Nui Parliament began loading. A deal has been signed between the agent participating in the formal cruises and the Rapa Nui Parliament, in which they list their customers with a commitment to pay later. MEPs from Rapa Nui were concerned when the riot squad did not prevent them from entering the archeological site, but Mario Tuki calls on his colleagues to do so.

It' s been almost a whole year since the Rapa Nui Parliament took over Rapa Nui National Park on 26 March. Even if the Rapa Nui Parliament's takeover of the island had accelerated things a bit, Marta Hotus says that work on migration legislation was already under way before this became so.

The Governor Marta Hotus declares that they have scheduled the three-step immigration monitoring of Chileans: Advising the Raffa Nui people: So what do the Raffa Nui really want? This is a legislative proposal that correctly reflects the views and thoughts of Mr Nui. Presenting to the government of Chile:

It will be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of Chile. Show all contributions to the 2015 Road Blocking Crisis. It is the way Mr Nui Parliament has behaved that has led to a division among the peoples of Mr Nui, but to an association among those who disagree on their behaviour. On certain occasions, members of the Raffae nui parliament let through visitors who are associated with a Rapae nui leader or a Rapae nui leader (married to a Rapae nui figure, etc.), and on other occasions they did not let through a bloody sight-seeing visitor - with or without a Rapae nui one.

By chance, both the locals were mayors and governors in Santiago when this occurred. The two of them came back Monday and meet every day with the Parliament of the Holy Roman Empire to reach an understanding. As a result of today's rally, members of the Parliament of the Rape Nui will allow pass through between 07:00 and 18:00 hrs visitors accompanied by Rape Nui leaders or a Rapape Nui married guided tourer.

Last weeks when Rapa Nui's parliament took over the island, it was said that new legislation to restrict chilen migration to the island was overturned. You are still not faced with members of the Rapa Nui Parliament. Show all contributions to the 2015 Road Blocking Crisis.

In the last two centuries the island's populations have been reduced from at least 3000 to just over a hundred. Today, the Rapa Nui tribe is what it was before being slaver. In 1888 it was agreed that Chile would be responsible for the island for six years under the leadership of a Chilean named Enrique Merlet.

The Chileans never went away. Arabic says they will keep their position until the island is back in the Rapa Nui's power. - I had a call two on the phone from the Home Office of the government of Chile. Forty-three percent of Rapa Nui is designated a Natural Reserve by the Government of Chile, which means that these areas are preserved for their precious archeology.

The areas are inspected by the CONAF Parks Department. Members of Parliament from Mr Nui asked these parkrangers just to vacate their post this mornings, and they did so. In recent month, new legislative initiatives have been worked on at government stage. A similar event occurred in 2010 when Rafa Nui tried to reclaim some of the lands that the state had taken from them.

The participants were not only members of the Rapa Nui Parliament. A few months later, a plane of Slovenian police on call came and drove those with gum bullets out of the government areas.

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