Vanuatu Airlines

The Vanuatu Airlines

Arrival to Vanuatu by plane When you want to see some of the Vanuatu archipelago, you will probably one day be flying. Out of Efate, Santo and Tanna'airports' have grassy aprons. Most of them have neither electric nor canvas. Besides Vila, Santo's Pekoa, Pentecost's Lonorore and Tanna's Whitegrass are some of the better appointed airfields.

As a rule, departures from Port Vila to German airports start from the Inland Airport next to Bauerfield International Airport. Air Vanuatu, like Vanuatu itself, is a great adventur. As you glide over volcanos, craters, craggy coasts, sea carpets and sea cliffs, the props flit before you come to a rough landings on a grassy airfield.

The Futuna flight was canceled for a while because the runway was too long for a secure touchdown, but the mower needed a replacement part - for delivery by Air. When a buddy was needed for the Sulfur River on Vanua Lava, a soothed alligator was put on the airplane.

Airplanes are often painted or retarded and can travel to distant isles once a weeks, but if you are agile, traveling is a quick, inexpensive and enjoyable way to get around the isles. Vanuatu's German carrier Air Vanuatu ( has branches in Port Vila, Luganville and Lakatoro. Although there have only been two deadly crashes since 1991, Air Vanuatu's health and beauty records are not very high.

There are 70-seater cruisers and 19-seater Twin Otters in the local population. The Air Vanuatu national timetable can be downloaded from the website, but it is not always up to date. A number of scheduled services (also to Tanna and Santo) can be arranged on-line. If you wish to fly to other archipelagos or to make an appointment for a longer route, please send an e-mail to

Present your Air Vanuatu tickets and get 20% off your tickets for your home city. Reductions for kids under 12 years and students: 50% and 25% (take your ID with you). When your route is short, it may be worth booking well in advance, but if you are flexibility, it is often possible to make a one-day reservation.

There are a number of airlines: a number of airlines fly: A safari with Air Safaris is available for hire. The Air Taxi carries out and can be chartered. Vanuatu Airways Vanuatu's newest carrier with a unique nine-seat aircraft. The Unity Airlines operates airlines to the outside island and is available for rent.

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