All about Easter Island

Everything about Easter Island

The Easter Island is famous for its hundreds of moai or huge stone statues. All these years we thought it was just heads. The Easter Island statues, or Moai, come with some very interesting facts, including their original meaning. The Europeans discovered Rapa Nui on Easter Sunday and so it is simply called Easter Island until today. Anyone who knows the history of this remote place will understand what I am talking about.

Inquiry about Easter Island

The Easter Island is one of the most interesting archaeological places in the atlantic. This island is full of secrets. Nobody knows much about the nosy sculptures and the humans who lived before the takeover of contemporary civilisation. When you are about to plan a journey, you should know about these lesser-known facts:

Whilst Moai sculptures are highly intriguing and enigmatic because of their unfamiliar story, they are even more striking up- close. The one thing not known to folks is that those Easter Island sculptures are huge. The highest of these sculptures is 33 ft (10 m) high and weights about 82 tonnes.

Someone else would have a 69 foot elevation if he had been dug up in his entirety. Moai sculptures are metaphorical and hidden, but they are also quite literally burried. You know, most folks think that Moai are just big, strange minds. Admittedly, these sculptures were in full-bodied shape, but their body was buryed over the years.

Most of their minds were exposed during the excavations, but they were constructed as full sculptures, with the whole structure just below the Easter Island area. During 2008 a Finish visitor came to Easter Island. Apparently he was so fond of these sculptures that he chopped off one of the Moai's ears and ran away with it.

Sadly, he was seen and told by an islander. Because of this violation, they enhanced safety for visitors to Easter Island. A number of folks believe that these sculptures could be an antiviral agent against the disease, among them Dr. Anneliese Pontius, an associated psychiatric clinic teacher at Harvard Medical School.

After their research, the shocking sight of a leprosy formity caused the island' s inhabitants to counteract the effect by correcting the characteristics of Moai and positioning them along Easter Island to fend off a possible contagion. The Moai is all Easter Island has very singular long characteristics and a kind of regal, inhumane atmosphere.

Tukuturi is not only much short as the others, but also different from the normal moai. What is most peculiar is the location of this sculpture. These Easter Island sculptures are thought to be made out of hardened volcano slag. It was found in the mine and cut with the help of carvings made of bassite.

The Easter Island is a somewhat contemporary name for the island. Older name of the island were Te Pito o Te Henua, which was the centre of the city. The other older name of the island is Mata-Ki-Te-Rani, which means that the eye is looking at the sky. When the darkness of the island has captivated you, we recommend you to come and see it in the company of your group.

Now you can make an excursion to Easter Island that you will never forget.

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