Easter Island Project

The Easter Island Project

Goal: Rapa Nui (Easter Island) has experienced extensive environmental changes. Spiders from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Revisited. Easter Island Environmental Science Project Public Service Announcement by Emmingels - Teaching material

A short project I did with my Environmental Sciences Class to use what they learnt about sustainability and renewables after seeing the Horizon video and reading an Easter Island story. It could also be done in any general sciences, geoscience or even in secondary schools!

It contains a PowerPoint project summary, a project allocation page and an evaluation section for simple evaluation. Easter Island PPE!!!!!! Easter Island PPE!!!!!! Easter Island PPE!!!!!! Flood Respond Tasks and Submergence Case Cockermouth in the Lake District, also contains a lecture on preparing for a tide in a group styled.....

Osterinsel (EISL) IGS Station Upgrade and Reconnaissance

Situated at the old Easter Island laser unit that NASA Space Geodesy Programme set up in 1992. In January/February 2003, a service call was conducted during which the GNSS gear was upgraded to a new Ashtech Z-Reference GNSS radio and a new aerial, a new computer (Red Hat LINUX 7.3) and a downloader.

A site investigation was carried out to establish the EISL equipment's location to the recently established VSAT communications line about 5 km away. With this new 1-Hz high-speed high-speed high-speed high-speed transmission to JPL's workstations. It is planned to start using the new ISP this coming fall.

The Easter Island Statue Project

Visitor and volunteer opportunities are welcome. You will find the offices one floor above the balcony. Occasional clerks are available for calls. Easter Island Conservation Foundation was established to help our archeological project. The EISP is an archeological study that has resulted in the world's biggest research archives with in-depth information on 887 moya.

MUSE Project - 6 Easter Island and Polynesia

If you think of Pacific archeology, you often think of a picture of the Easter Island mai - the huge rock mass. Such sensational Easter Island tales have been published in journals, papers and documentary films. I first came to Easter Island in 1969 with Dr. Emory. I had recently completed a project to restore Huahine's marshlands.

I' d refused previous Easter Island invitation, but I took on Dr. Mulloy's, partly because it was there by air. You know that a main theme of Pacific archeology in the 1960' s was Thor Heyerdahl's theories that the Easter Islanders - the Rapa Nui - were the offspring of travellers from South America.

So how long did it take you to get to Easter Island? As I got off the airplane, the scenery immediately reminds me of Kamuela, a city on the north side of the island of Hawaii. And I also realized that the traits of the Polynesians were very different from those of other Polynesians because they had been married to Chileans for over a hundred years.

However, because their native tongue - also known as Rapa Nui - is part of the Polish speaking familiy and the island looks so much like Hawaii, I immediately felt very comfortable. The Easter Island is about 27 degree southern width. When you were on the island, where did you live?

The first night I listened to Polynesians talking in front of the building. One said: Among the guests who have come today are two Tahitian speakers. A. Has this feeling changed after a longer stay on the island? Most of the island was given Tahitian-language radios, and the primary source of conversation for most of the population was to listen to it.

In my accommodation there was genuine chilen ian meal every afternoons. Most of the island' s inhabitants, however, did eat stewed yams, seafood and other things. But, given that Easter Island has been Chilean-owned for over a hundred years, has Latin America's cultural life changed the island's Polish tradition? Well, much of the tribal civilization was already doomed.

As you said, Thor Heyerdahl became worldwide renowned by constructing Kon-Tiki and sailed from Peru to Easter Island.

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