Nui Island

isle of Nui

We' re proud to welcome you to the largest Over-Water Island Night Show on Rarotonga and offer you an unforgettable experience like no other.....

We' re proud to welcome you to the largest Over-Water Island Night Show on Rarotonga and offer you an unforgettable experience like no other..... Situated in the middle of a lush rockfall gardens, the village hosts the most breathtaking event location with a wonderful myth, "The Legends of Tongaiti". Let yourself be enchanted by our fantastic Over Water Show, while Rarotonga's best performers and artists on swimming and solid platforms of our falling water gardens with blazing torch light.

Savour our tasty Iceland/Western Fusion Buffet, cooked by our regional and international chefs. Tupuna, our forefathers, tell us a story of a traveling warrior named Tonggaiti who put to sea with his people from a distant world. Tonggaiti and his family Ari were discoverers from Iwa who learned of some nice "floating islands" and chose to construct a large vaca and look for these isles.

Inhabitants of this swimming island were very enemy and unkind, threw javelins and shouted to keep Tongaiti and his men away from their banks. Tongaiti spent many long nights sailing around the island, and his whole household became sleepy, starving and tire. Eventually, in despair, Tongaiti summoned his fair maiden son to perform a dancing for the chief of Tumu-Te-Varovaro, in the hope that her beauties would melt his soul and allow them to enter the country.

Today this village of our polynese tribe is known as "Tangata Enua".

The BIONICLE Mata Nui | The BIONICLE Secretariat

The Mata Nui was an island on the sea lunar of Aqua Magna, a giant boulder that was demolished by Spherus Magna. Turaga Vakama called the island after the Great Spirit. Sent Mata Nui to bed by Teridax's Makuta virus in 1 BGC.

Thereupon, he fell on Aqua Magna, a dysfunction in his cloaking system that created a new island over his face. Later the Toa Metru moved the Matoran from Metru Nui here and named the island after the Great Spirit. When Mata Nui (with Teridax' mind) got up in 1001 AGC, his brain shattered the rest of the land mass and ruined it.

It was 357 times 178 cio, or 303 in Earth readings. Mata Nui's origin began with the Great Spirit after whom it was called. One task that the Great Spirit had to fulfill was the observance of other world. Mata Nui landed on a planetary surface and hid his face under an island of rock and indigenous vegetation using energised protodermis.

Makuta Teridax fell into a heavy sleep with a Makuta virus and stormed Aqua Magna. His cloaking system malfunctioned due to the abrupt touchdown, which, together with the leaky energised protodermis, formed the island paradise of Mata Nui. In a Vahki transport, called Lhikan, the Toa Metru travelled through a tunnel from the Great Barrier to the "island above", where five Matoran slept in shells.

During this period on the island, the Toa Metru looked for possible places to construct for Matoran. Later they travelled back to Metru Nui to collect the remainder of the shells. Later they returned with the remainder of the dormant Matoran from Metru Nui. The Matoran was raised, sacrificed their Toa power and became Turaga, and each of the Matoran elements constructed a Koro in a Mata Nui area, which mirrored their elements, in the places that the Turaga had previously determined.

Just a year later, after Teridax' pledge with Vakama not to hurt the Matoran had come to an end, Makuta took control of the animal world with contaminated Kanohi Mask and turned it against the Matoran, making life on Mata Nui extremly perilous. Teridax' Rahi and the Matoran continued the conflict for almost a thousand years.

The Toa Mata eventually reached AGC in 999 after being unintentionally conjured by Takua. Gathering the mask Vakama had placed over the island, they then stepped into Teridax's cave and conquered him. In vengeance for his loss, he raised the Bohrok, beings set to free lives from the disguise that covered Mata Nui's face.

Awakening, they thought it was finally ripe to begin their quest and demolished as much of Mata Nui Island as they could before the Toa held them off by putting their leader, the Bahrag, in a Toa seal. Mata Nui was severely injured after all these attacks, and Takanuva re-discovered Metru Nui after Teridax was beaten.

Then the Turaga told the Matoran and Toa the stories of Metru Nui, and the people of Mata Nui came back to their native land. When the Matoran came back to Metru Nui, the Toa Nuva liberated the Bahrag from their jail so that the Bohrok shoals could return to their mission of rebuilding Mata Nui to its "former state".

As the Great Spirit awakened (with Makuta's mind), he raised his heads and ruined the island as he arose from his place of rest. All the remnants of the island sunk into the underwater world. It has been split into six "Wahi" or areas, one for each element. Each village was the home of the Matorans, who were managed by a Turaga eldest and watched over by a Toa last year before they returned to Metru Nui.

Ta Koro lived in the middle of a huge cave, but was devastated by Rahkshi and sunk into the fireplace. Metru Nui's "Suns" is located in the Naho Sea. Onu Wahi was an subterranean tunnel net that expanded under Mata Nui. Po Wahi was a big wilderness in the northern part of Mata Nui.

Metru Nui had one of its sun holes somewhere on Mount Ihu. Mata Nui had perished and stayed alive in the alternative time line "The Kingdom", and most - if not the whole Matoran cosmos was rendered unlivable by floods and mutagens. But the many kinds of the Matoran cosmos were displaced to the island of Mata Nui, which was outside the cosmos and therefore relatively sane.

After the Takanuva of this Takanuva had closed all entries to the Matoran cosmos with photoelectric sensors to keep the Makuta or other shadows from abandoning, they created a new company on the island of Mata Nui; aware that none of the Mata Nui creatures could have survived alone, he assembled them all, and for over ten thousand years they constructed the kingdom; an extensive megacity that originated from the island of Mata Nui and spread over man-made land masses populated by all sorts of creatures.

However, when the Takanuva of the master universes was sent there, there was a risk that the primordial island (which is part of the now moribund Matoran universe) would collapse and take at least part, if not all, of the kingdom with it. No one knows the destiny of the island.

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