Guam Accommodation

Accommodation in Guam

There are several types of accommodation in Guam, depending on your needs and budget. View the clear blue water of Tumon Bay from the comfort of your beautiful accommodation in PIC Guam. Booking your accommodation in Guam. Locate the best selection of Guam hotels online with Expedia. Select from the best hotels in Guam and save today!

Guam Accommodation

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Lodging - Mapua World Guam

There are several types of accommodation in Guam, according to your wishes and your budgets. Its main targets are on the Tumon Bay beach. Our busi-ness hostels and accommodation for families are situated in the centre and south of the isle. Internationally renowned luxury hotel establishments are situated in scenic parks on the shores of Tumon Bay, the island's main holiday area.

Some of the islands are also situated in the south and the middle of the mainland. Hagåtña, Maite, Tamuning and Mangilao have a number of beautiful commercial accommodation and private homes. Because of the small size of the islands, most of these objects are only a few min. away from the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Air Terminal.

Rooms & Suites at Tumon Bay Guam Resort

View the clear turquoise clear turquoise sea of Tumon Bay from the comforts of your lovely accommodation in PIC Guam. We have 777 rooms and suite with luxury bed linen, free Wi-Fi, bottled spring and unrestricted PICs. Unwind on your own terrace while watching the sunset.

Choose a Royal Club accommodation for a great holiday to suit the lush taste. The Royal Club Lounge is open free of charge and is open every day from 7.00 - 10.00 and offers a cocktail of draught beers, home made wines and starters from 17.00 - 19.00. Indulge in the majesty of Tumon Bay from the comforts of this roomy two-bedroom apartment.

The Royal Club Lounge and the luxury upstairs facilities of the Royal Tower are waiting for you. Located in a nice two-room apartment overlooking Tumon Bay, this double bedroom apartment has a double berth and entrance to the Royal Club Lounge. Unwind in the lovely lounge with fridge, couch chair, couch and furnished terrace.

On your own terrace you can admire a wonderful sea view over the PIC water park. A nighttime storage and high quality bathing facilities make this a first class accommodation in Guam. Free entrance to the Royal Club Lounges with breakfasts and happily-hours. From this wonderfully furnished room, enter your own en-suite terrace overlooking the picturesque Philippine Sea.

Put on a robe and unwind in comfort with free sparkling waters. Equipped with sparkling waters and lush hard wood flooring, the facilities give the impression of a trip to the tropics. Upstairs in the Oceana Towers, visitors can choose between a king-size or twin-bedded room. Free Wi-Fi, a TV and a room safety-deposit box are just some of the benefits.

Relax in your cosy room for your friend or loved one after a great day's holiday in Guam. Remain in touch with free Wi-Fi and have a good night's sleep by the seaside on two twin-berths. The rooms with a view of the seaside have entrance to the Royal Club Lounge.

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