Rapa Island

Isle of Rapa

Mariánská dolce Rapa Nui are the aborigines of Rapa Nui Island, generally known as Easter Island. This island in the southeast Pacific is a Chilean settlement that was "annexed" in 1933 without the approval of Rapa Nui. Rapa Nui tribe, made up of 36 clan, are working together to reconstruct the regime and re-establish power over their ancient land and graves.

Furthermore, the clan wants to regain their self-governing powers in order to contain the non-sustainable migration and economic growth on the island. It provides judicial support to help the Rapa Nui community to use public law to protect their prerogatives and to end more than a hundred years of abuse and violation of Chile' s humanitarian laws.

Rapa Nui tribes had taken measures to re-occupy their illegal land, monitor their holy and tombs and exercise their self-management powers in order to draw the public's eye to the need for a serious and fruitful dialog to solve these problems. Chile's regime took a harsh line against the Rapa Nui protesters and rulers, using excess force to expel members of their tribal land and holy and tombs and to prosecute the rulers.

During 2010, the Centre took precautions by the Inter-American Commission on Universal Declaration of Human Rights in order to avoid breaches of the law due to eviction by chilenean troops. Consequently, the level of force has been reduced, but the tension is still high because the chilenean authorities have held an inproductive and erratic dialog on Rapa Nui-questions.

Rapa Nui's chiefs began in early 2015 to administer and inspect the holy archaeological site, which had long been subject to Chile' s reign. Chile' s officials began the arrest and persecution of the Rapa Nui Guides and they raided and shut down the Rapa Nui Parliament office. As a result, the Rapa Nui leadership called for the island to be self-determined and decolonised.

The Centre's lawyers advised the Guides legally and helped them turn to the United Nations Human Rights Council to call for an end to Chilean settlement on the island and to ask the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights once again for precautions to be taken to safeguard the life of Rapa Nui's Guides.

The Centre will help to implement the Commission's advice and will further help Rapa Nui to gain compliance with their country and self governance laws.

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