Moai Island

Island Moai

Ahu Tahai, Easter Island Traveller Review The majority of the Moai were set down on Easter Island during the 1700s. Some of the moai here have been restored and you can see a moai with unoriginal views, but it shows the feeling the locals had with the Moai all over the island.

In addition to the Moai, this square has other sights: wonderful views of the sunset, near the city centre, near Nizza Restaurant and near the school. This is a fully renovated moai with a group of smaller moai and a group of whites. The most interesting thing here is the harbour area, where you can see how they took ships in and out of the sea without the island's bother.

Though this site has only six moai, the visitors can see the pristine marina, a sculpture with dead eye and obsidiana and one with a small rock knot. Mulloy, the scholar who found and renovated many of the sculptures on Easter Island, is also near by. Peacefully and quietly, near the small local history gallery, we went there several visits, as it was near our place of residence.

Here are three hoo with Moai upright. It' very near the town ('20 minutes walk') and you can watch the sunset behind the statue.

Moai Stone Pit - Rano Raraku, Easter Island Traveller Reviews Books

You have to see the number 1 on Easter Island. The" birthplace" of the Moai. The largest moai (more than 20 meters) stays where it was made. Although the other sculptures were quite impressing, they reminded me of most of the Indiana Jones films, the reasons why I came to South America to realize my child-wonder.

Jorge, our leader for that particular event, also gave some important facts about the place, such as that most of the giant sculptures were moving without the help of bicycles, large beasts, or overhead travelling equipment. A very beautiful place to get to know an interesting and mystic civilization. It was a very good place to get near the Moai and the leaders were very good.

Be cautious when visiting this place, because with the National Park entrance paying on your arrivals it is only once permitted to enter this place. The Moai and Motherland! Many moai, sitting, standing, lying..... and breathtaking view of the inner pond, the distant ocean, the landscape!

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