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Deluxe guide to the best five-star hotels in Maui. The best prices, secure booking, pay hotel at the cash desk. Retrospect: The Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea The Wednesday newsletter always contains a report on the hotels or flights. Retrospective on Four Seasons Maui in Wailea (Hawaii, USA). The Four Seasons Rest Maui in Wailea is situated on an area of 15 hectares with views of a wonderful crescent-shaped golden sandy shore in Wailea, an exquisite Mauri resorts sunny side of the Isle with 3 master course greens, upmarket shops and a 3 km long stroll along the sea.

Embodying a classic Hwaiian palatial residence, the 376 rooms and suite are situated in an 8-storey middle house by the sea. The rooms have a en-suite patio or patio, a luxury bath in marmoreal water and a chilled mini-bar, which is adapted to the wishes of the group. In Wailea, Four Seasons Maui differs from other hotels on the island in that it offers a large selection of free amenities, free accommodation and recreational amenities that are available to all those staying in most other hotels in the city.

Our personnel are dedicated to providing you with the best possible services and care for detail to guarantee a restful and unforgettable sojourn. Wailea-based Four Seasons Resort Maui is in my top 10 of the best luxury hotels & resort in Hawaii, the world's best luxury hotels and the world's best seaside resort.

Centrally located in Hawaii's most prestigious residential area, Wailea. Embedded beneath the Haleakala - the biggest resting volume in the word - Wailea radiates a feeling of intimacy, calmness and liberty that stretches over 1,500 hectares of beautiful terrain with breathtaking sea-view. There are several high-end hotels in the area, such as the Four Seasons Estate, the Grand Wailea - a Waldorf Astoria Park and the Andaz Maui at Wailea and Fairmont Kea Lani.

Wailea's main attractions are the lovely beaches, the excellent weather (the area is on the southern bank of Maui), a breathtaking course, a world-class commercial centre and the close vicinity of the international airports (30 minutes by car). The Four Seasons Maui was constructed for about 180 million US dollars and opened its doors in 1990.

It was Four Seasons' third and the first Four Seasons residence in Hawaii (although the group now owns 5 ultra luxury homes in the archipelago). Although more than 25 years old, the building looks a bit up to date and up-to-date, thanks to two large, multi-million dollars, room-high refurbishments in the recent past that have kept the estate in line with the aspirations of today's sophisticated travellers.

Outside, the U-shaped, low edifice is not very noteworthy and does not differ from most large Hwaiian resort, but the interiors have a sophisticated, luxury and open-air décor. Everything you need - such as dining and swimming pool - is close to the hotel's large reception area, whose beautifully open plan designs incorporate nature.

In addition to a welcome and convenience counter and several lounges, the foyer has a vibrant café overlooking the swimming pool's central area, where hula dancing to the sound of Hwaiian life tunes every sundown. A work of artwork in the truest sense of the word, Four Seasons Maui is home to several hundred works of genuine Hawaiian-influenced crafts.

Its artistic nature is evident from the very beginning as you pass two giant pottery tiles covered in thick strips guarding the cloakroom. Hawaii's abstract, subversive and passionate collections show the Hawaiian cultural and historical heritage from its foundation in 1959 to the present day.

A free audioguide - in the words of some of the artist themselves - guides visitors through the curatorial collections of the city. All 383 of the hotel's accommodation, 75 of which are in the 75 suits, are situated in the U-shaped structure that encloses a landscaped patio with a fountain and waterfall. While I was here, I was converted into a sort of a gazebo that had a patio or patio overlooking the luxuriant landscaped areas and the adjacent park.

Visitors staying in a club room or club room have free admission to the hotel's Club Floor Lounge. Just like a "hotel within a hotel", Club Floor has its own in-house staff of concierges who are exclusively devoted to the 26 rooms and suits at the highest levels. There is a swimming pools by the sea in the inner yard of the residence, with three independent pools to meet the needs of all our clients.

Because of a huge pictorial well, which, like Botticeli's Venus, rises from the water heating in the swimming pools, the centre swimming pools of the complex are known as the Wellbecken. There are two jacuzzis at each end of the swimming pools and numerous free cabins (one per room).

The swimming area is open 24 hours a day and is very attractive for children and teenagers, but opens up to a more peaceful sunbathing area with many deckchairs overlooking the sea and the beachs. Another quiet but entertaining way to replace the main well basin is the so-called cascade basin.

Situated next to the basin of the well, this free-form lagoon-style swimming pools is inspired by Maui's lakes. It is divided into two parts, one higher than the other, both connected by a brief chute. The swimming pools mainly attract young family members and allow them to unwind in one of the cabins while looking for their young.

There is also a swimming area, both here and around the well. With both the Fontain Basin and the Falls Basin very overcrowded, especially during your summer vacation, you should retire to the resort's breathtaking third area, the socalled Senderity Swimming Pool, which is on a plain above the other two swimming pools on the southern most border of the area.

Situated in a square shape, this poolside is lined with glazed tile mosaics and has two warm pipes and four Jacuzzi beds on its side. You can enjoy the panorama of the sea and the beaches from its infinite rim, if you don't like to be sung by the submarine musical system while you swim.

There are 60 sunbeds and six luxury cabins ($450 US$ per day). The Four Seasons Maui is located at the south end of the Wailea beaches and is optically covered by the neighbouring reas. This is a crescent-shaped, sandy, gold-coloured, coastline stretching 640 meters and relaxing in the pure, hot, coral-free water of the Pacific Ocean, inviting you to stroll, swim and canoe.

Between dawn and dusk, the personnel will set up two to three rows of deckchairs in the direct sunlight or in the shadow of a sunshade, which can only be used free of cost by our guest. Free linen and sunscreens are also provided, while our personnel at the beaches also offer iced waters and refreshing splashes.

The Wailea beaches lie between two dark rocks of rocky rock that keep the water clear, secure and serene. To the south of the cove, directly in front of the motel, there are bays that are ideal for snorkelling. Snorkelling equipment is free for all our clients for one lesson per night and free introduction courses in the swimming pools every mornings.

In spite of its large scale and the large number of visitors, I was very much struck by the flawless services for which the Four Seasons is known. There is a good swimming and beachside area. They don't know how to do it, but the employees seem to watch the beaches and the swimming pools constantly and always show up when you need them.

During the whole workday, lifeguards take care of cool splashes of water from the water, cool hand cloths and cool gherkin discs, which are placed over the lids of the eyes. Characteristic Spago Restuarant - the only outpost of the famous cook Wolfgang Puck in Hawaii - provides a striking blend of traditional and Californian cooking, coupled with a spectacular view of the sea in Maui.

Spago is in the vestibule, while the other two are on the ground floor on both sides of the well basin. The Duo Steak and Seafood Restaurante is considered the best steak house on Maui and is also the venue of a great breakfastservice every day (although not so good at the exalted breakfastservice of the Lanai Resort).

The outdoor foyer, swimming pools (especially the Swimming Pool) and beaches offer stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean's water with Lanai Isle, the solid West Maui Mountains - one of the humidest places in the world - and the small Kaho'olawe and Molokini Isles on the skyline.

Humpbacks can often be seen off the coast in winters when two third of the total bumpback community returns to Hawaii to raise, coat and care for their young. It is also located to the east, so you can watch stunning sundowns with a wide sky that shows off bright colours (a phenomenon for which Hawaii is famous).

You' ll also find a group of unmistakable Boutique stores - Ports, Cabana and 22 knots - that reflect the resort's high luxury standards and offer a range of retailing items, from premium logos to world-class design collection. Storeaholics can also go to the nearby'Shops at Wailea', Hawaii's highest quality malls.

Downtown provides a dozen of stores, among them several luxury labels, favourites and arts centers, as well as free of charge culture and some of the best entertainments on the isle. Both the Wailea Resort area will feature three premium golf courses: the Gold Course and the Emerald Course, both sketched by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and the Wailea Blue Course, set out by Arthur Jack Snyder.

Wailea Gold Course is a robust course for advanced golfers with 18 beautiful landscaped pits, strategic locations and masterly crafted doggies that award good strategies and refinement. Emerald Course is a more relaxed game on a lovely landscaped Tropic Park with child-friendly courses, few enforced overpasses and stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Mount Haleakala.

Wailea Blue Course is located on the deepest hillsides of the resting Mount Haleakala and has 18 classical styled courses. Unlike other luxurious hotels in Hawaii, Four Seasons Maui does not require a residence tax (there is no dimming and nickel). Apart from being the only one in Maui that does not require a resortair ( (which is a great feature), the residence also has a long listing of useful amenities such as the use of cabinas, resorta coaches ( (for golfing, playing tenis, buying and eating in the Wailea area), use of sun cream, basic workout courses (including Mat Pilates, Aqua Cardio Fusion and more), use of snorkelling gear for the first lesson, basic dive hours per day and Hwaiian Canrigger.

This is a great place for the whole Family and is one of my favourite luxury hotels in the whole wide range of luxury hotels for a relaxing stay with the whole host Family. Featuring sophisticated facilities and enjoyable activity to make everyone feel good during a relaxing stay with the whole host of children, including a private outdoor children's indoor and outdoor pools, a free playroom for the younger teenagers (with table football, table tennis, billiards, shuffle board, PlayStation and Nintendo) and a virtually limitless range of snorkeling tackle, sporting facilities and DVDs to entertain the older teenagers.

There is also a Kid's For All Seasons programme that combines children with all kinds of funny and pedagogical activity involving the Maui countryside, heritage and people. It is run by Four Seasons, one of the most prestigious hotels in the business. The Four Seasons label makes hoppin' on the islands of the islands in the Howaiian islands a simple adventure as the business has four more homes in Hawaii.

Four Seasons Hualalai is situated near the vulcanic beauties of Hawaii (also known as Big Island). Four Seasons Resort Oahu is situated on Hawaii's most vibrant of islands, not far from the Honolulu city. Lana'i's scenic landscape is home to two of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the Four Seasons Lanai (which I have discussed here) and the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele (soon to reopen).

Polish tradition, extraordinary landscapes and water adventure make a visit to Maui - the home of the Four Seasons Resorts - an experience to remember. Featuring world-class sandy areas, vast stretches of reefs, luxuriant waterfall canyons and the marvels of Haleakala National Park, Hawaii's second biggest isle provides the visitor with a remarkable and inviting setting to experience a multitude of marine and insular experiences.

Here is my Top 10 Top 10 listing of the best things to do in Maui. The Four Seasons Maui Resort in Wailea is one of the best in Hawaii. In spite of the great location, the lovely beaches, the exquisite cuisine, the large selection of facilities and the outstanding services, the estate has some drawbacks that you have to watch out for before you consider a sojourn: it's a great place to stay:

As a result, the building is very overcrowded, which runs counter to Four Seasons' image as an exlusive name. During my vacation I went to the place and sometimes it felt more like a bulk commercial place than a real luxury one.

There is a special family area in the fountains and you can't relax in this swimming pools without encountering children who scream and throw balls. It may be difficult to find a cabin here, as most of them are taken early in the day (although the personnel of the Resorts do not keep vacant cabinas for more than one hour).

Masses of people are inevitable, even in the luxurious adult swimming pools, where sometimes people wait for deck chairs. Popular and located in an easily accessed, renowned resorts area, the guest house lack the peace, exclusiveness and tranquillity found in its affiliates in Lanai (Four Seasons Lanai) and Hawaii (Four Seasons Hualalai).

This means if you have children or just simply like to be around them, this is the place for you as a family with children are everywhere and the Resort offers especially good for family with all the fun-filled acitivities and conveniences on the menu. It has undergone several renovations, recently renovating several million dollars worth of rooms and suite, making it look fashionable and up-to-date.

Though I am a big Four Seasons lover and their hotels are always my first line, I have to say that the Andaz Maui Wailea resorts (which I have discussed here) are the best luxury options in Wailea, although they have smaller rooms. As well as being more stylish in furnishings, architectural and styling, the residence is more tranquil (although it has many of its guest families), the restaurant is more sophisticated, the swimming pools are better laid out and the room prices are often half as high as for the Four Seasons (although the Andaz feeling may feel more luxury and quiet).

Saves your money: Find my advice for the best offer in a luxury Four Seasons resorts like Maui in Wailea, whether you book a room at the lowest possible rate or receive free discounts (e.g. upgrades, breakfasts, resort balances, etc....). Saver: Get free discounts at Four Seasons Lanai when you book with Virtuoso (e.g. room upgrades, early check-in, early check-out, welcome cocktails and $100 US Dollars balance).

The Four-Seasons guarantees that any reservations made through its web sites will have the cheapest room prices (including all applicable charges and taxes) available to the public on the web. Fourasons will be pleased to adjust the fare if you find a lower fare within 24 hrs of making your book. Hawaii's low tourist seasons - when the best prices are available and the island is less overcrowded - include vernal (April to June) and autumn (September to November) - a contradiction in the best times of the year to be in Hawaii in reliable good weathers.

Winters (December to March) can be an unexpectedly hazy and humid occasion, although Wailea is situated in one of the dryest and most sunny places of the island. Four Seasons Resort Maui is only 20 minutes from Maui's Kahalui Airport. There are many major airlines offering non-stop services to Maui from some 20 major towns on the North American continent.

Major Maui carriers included Alaska Airline, American Airline, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airline, United Airline and Virgin America. The Kahului airport is uncommon for Hawaii because it has so many non-stop non-stop services from North America, but none from Asia at all. On the Kahalui Airport website of Kahalui Airport you will find an up-to-date listing of carriers offering air services to Maui.

International flights to the islands of Honolulu, the Big Iceland (aka the Hawaiian Island) and Kauai are simple and common, with scheduled Maui flight services. Commuters and ferryboats drive to the neighboring Lanai Isle.

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