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Discover how to make Easter Stones, a great way to teach children the Easter stories of the Bible along with our free printable sequencing page. The Easter Island is one of the most remote places on earth, but its stone heads exert a magical attraction on all kinds of people. Name of the EASTER AQUHORTHIES STONE CIRCLE. Have you stones in deep furrows at the entrance to your heart - stones of fear, rebellion, despair or discouragement? In Easter, it's about removing stones.

Easter Story Stones - How to make

In a way, since we relocated to Colorado, our children have received an unpleasantly large stone group. I' ve seen the Easter stories ideas for the Easter rocks on the treuimage.com genealogy blogs and thought it would be a great way to use our skirt collections. It was a big success with our children and one of our favourite Bible artworks.

We' ll definitely use them every year during Holy Week to deal with the Easter tales as a group. Whilst the Easter tale pieces are great in themselves, I had the feeling that I needed the appropriate title and biblical passages to facilitate the teaching of the tales.

It not only assisted me in teaching our children the tales, it also assisted our children in visualizing the course of the event and seeing how the biblical tales were connected. Eight rocks, about the same height. Use the color highlighter to mark an image on each stone to symbolise a part of the Easter history.

Beginning with Palm Sunday, you will be teaching one of the Easter tales every Easter week of the year. You can use the sequence page to check the tales and tell your kid the sequence of occurrences. So you can share the Easter tales, look up images in a children's Bible, view video clips and use other mediums to keep your kid busy with the Easter-tale.

And our kid took that action and went running. Everybody took out his children's Bibles and began to look up the tales, show each other images and talk about Jesus. If you want more religious Easter fun with your whole household, please click HERE! You will find all our blogas and other great web related resource on our website.

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