Warhammer Tau Tactics

The Warhammer Tau Tactic

Fellowship vlog to speak Tau Tactics! Dew play very similar to an Eldar army. HORUS HERETICAL TACTICS. Of the tactics over the painting up to the simple flake. Dark-haired angels, dew and orcs & goblins.

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I' m on take-all-comers list. To do everything, you have to be able to pack enough troops to do everything. The most efficient tools (unit) to do the work (kill something) (the fewest points per wound). It' quite easy in forty k - the issue is "what it takes to kill".

Army a. ka schools of draftees, middle army a. ka Navy, transport a. ka rhino and armor a. ka emperor knight. There' s an arguement that the heavier multiple-wounds infection is in a league of its own, but I'm still trying to see if I need to make plans or if I have enough organic to use it.

I would want to be able to shoot 30-40 draftees per round for a take-all-comers schedule. If you look at Tau, from EFFICIENCY, here are the top 3 troops at the slaughter of these impoverished meat shields. ve: 20 croot sets 8. 88 patterns for only 120 points. You put down 14+ styles with this group of dude, plus you get a marker light that strikes at 2+.

Frangible and it requires some co-ordination to ensure that all 3 work together - you may need to provide foreign fish, which greatly diminishes this. A part of being a take-all-comers is also looking for additional fire power from other entities that are still EFFICENT, but not the most effective.

Both T4 and T9 rifles are threatened by S5s. Your resilience and quickness when wearing your firefighters is valuable, so it's a great extra if the transportation also removes 2.67 items per round. Sixty-three points per cut isn't effective for killin' shit that chintz.

So, if we took a holistic, even-handed view, we could participate: They would sit at 750+ points with a good score made to make a roster around. They may have noticed that you didn't see any UAVs on that census. Unexpectedly ineffective in the kill of small troops, despite the 2+ wounds thanks to S6, HBC and text messaging with Hiptide.

That hamstring is a set of rope sessions. While this show goes on, we will watch the dew solving other issues (medium-infraantry, transport, armor ) and continuing our schedule. You' ll also see how you begin to overlap in" jobs" that allow you to make a take-all-comers schedule that can flourish even if your enemy is overloaded in a particular kind of threaten.

The next item will try to address all 3 residual threats while the third item in the show completes the tutorial for creating the mailing lists. He juggles between work, Icehockey, and Warhammer Fortyk. He' s also a familiar OCD-er when it comes to paintings, which doesn' t help to finish his designs for his army.

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