American Samoa Flag Day

Samoa American Flag Day

American-Samoa Flag Day 2018 | American-Samoa AMERICAN SAMOA, Pago Pago - Before dusk, wind in American Samoa begins to ease and the rains are likely to return to intermittent downpours as the area meets at Veterans Memorial Stadium to commemorate Flag Day 2018. There are a number of activities on the agenda, beginning with flag raising, parade in review and the governor's and other dignitaries' addresses.

Highpoints of the day are the syiva & pse and the award ceremonies of the sports competitions - among them yesterday's Rautasi-Rennen - with the victor Vatia's Fuao. He said he was studying boating in Apia when Norwegian engineering opened a programme in the mid-1970s to educate everyone in Apia on how to become a dockbuilder.

Maselino, 39 years old at the age of 18, had a great love for studying and chose to take over this programme of boating for 5 years. Shipbuilders make and fix sailboats, angling and recreational craft and motoryachts. You will also be designing ships and supporting marine designers in the planning of ships. After Maselino graduated, his particular aim was to build Fautasí craft, and this aim was reached many people.

Later he came to Tutuila, where he made his first ship on the isle - the first Paepaeulupo'o. "When I was studying boating, it was a course dedicated to the construction of many different types of vessels, but my primary interest was the construction of futasi vessels.

The long rowboat, which was to be paddled by a large number of rowboats, used to be a means of transport between the isles; they could travel very quickly and transport passengers and freight across the open sea. Today they are pure race racers - long, slender ( "the oarers are sitting next to each other") and flying astonishingly across the sea, driven not only by rowing men moving together, but also by the material and designs of the rowing saucers, of course with the know-how of a boot.

"I like the same techniques I was trained to use more than 20 years ago when men made the vessel heavier and found it much quicker and more powerful on the canal. The Fuao and the Paepaeulupo'o are both the latest high-tech vessels due to the use of new material.

The use of a fibreglass hull, for example, is supposed to make the vessel easier, which allows a higher velocity. There is, however, a discussion as to whether this makes it insecure in harsh water, so that it tends to overturn rather than the more heavy carp.

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