Island Civilization

Isle Civilization

Télécharger et lire en ligne avec la meilleure expérience | Dateiname | La civilisation insulaire de la Polynésie PDF. POLYNESIAN ISLAND CULTURE. You can find the islands on the tiles of the coast. Roderick R. Nash's essay, Island Civilization: Old Civilizations - America, Australia, Pacific Islands.

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Roderick R. Nash's essays "Island Culture: It is a premonition for the occupation of the world in the 4th millennium," he cites, "Of course, a transformation like this[island civilization] includes compromising with that of man. Nash's blueprint for the coming years is to create self-supporting "islands" of civilization. Such civilisations would be very similar to the populations and towns.

It is also based on progressive technologies that do not damage the earth and keep the "islands" insulated from each other. Everything in the world that goes into producing and producing foods, hygiene and other service would take place directly in civilization. That would mean that as people we would loose many of the privileges we have had for centuries, such as people' s liberty.

With all those right-wingers, I don't think something like an island civilization is about to come.

and Roderick R. Nash, writer of Island Civilization:

and Roderick R. Nash, writer of Island Civilization: The Vision for Human Occupancy of Earth in the Fourth Millennium asks what the Earth will look like in the 4th millenium and how mankind can shift its course towards self-destruction by following its plans to build an island civilization.

First, Roderick Nash announces that "the first move towards island civilization is to control demographic increase and reduce it to a global 1.5 billion"(19)..... In order to complete this enormous challenge, if they want a larger household, they only have to have one progeny or buy another woman's right to reproduce all their years.

The fact that a woman gives mother to more than one baby is not taken into account by it. Sometimes a woman gives birthing to a twin, triplet, quadruplet or even eighth. As it is unavoidable that more than one woman is born, we must ask the question: Under China's one-child policies, households are fined several-fold of a workers' year' s salary if they have more than one family.

China's traditions of having a baby and the one-child politics lead to an amazing and terrifying thing done by mothers. There would be a riot if a one-child politics were implemented all over the globe. Roderick R. Nash says of Thomas DriscollSecondly that"...the 1. 5 billion people[will] be living in five hundred highly focused living spaces spread far across the earth"(20).

Mr Nash expects 100-mile roundabouts to help 3 million each, producing their own sustenance, generating their own power and having their own refuse processing. And Nash also thinks that no inter-island trading will be necessary, as everything is made in their own island town. In order to realize Nash's 100-mile urban dreams, it must be okay for mankind to live together within confined boundaries.

Much like the Cold War blujean supermarket, there will be smuggling of goods that they cannot get from one island to another. They will always want what they can't have, and finally they will be envious of what has another island. A war would erupt over the provisions or the country of another island.

No, he' s not talking about any kind of administration or policemen on these island. When there is no such thing as a cabinet, criminality in these island states would be unavoidable. and almost three million would be scared. Third, Mr. Nas thinks that the next generation will ensure that man's influence ends at the island's boundaries.

Humans will continue to decompose in the 4th century. Mankind has been polluting the earth for too long. In the next millenium, ambient conditions will deteriorate. Ozone, a protective coating of the earth's ozone depleted by the sun's rays, has been polluting the atmosphere for years.

Roderick R. Nash's dream for a new planet in which human beings co-exist with all other living beings on earth by reducing the size of the populations, restricting our reach for growth and reverting to an unpolluted earth. But Nash does not take into account the issues that mankind is already confronted with and will continue to face in the next millenium.

"Consequences of China's one-child-politics.

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