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is a central source of information about the island of Guam. And Guam is the part of the United States you may never have heard of. Love my island of Guam. United States of America Third World backyard. ""Americans should sleep well at night," Tillerson told reporters.

Americas and San Diego leave Guam

The amphibian attack vessel USS America (LHA 6) and the amphibian cargo docking vessel USS San Diego (LPD 22), both part of the America amphibian Ready Group (ARG), as well as the disembarked Fifteenth Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), left Guam on January 12 after a planned harbour outing. The first joint harbour trip to the Indo-Asia-Pacific, many of the Sailors and Marines of America and San Diego were looking forward to seeing the wonderful islands for the first while.

"I' ve never been to Guam before, but it was a really good time," said Captain Michael Smith, rookie for the fifteen. I' d spend my days on the shore, walking around the archipelago and eating good meals. "While in Guam, the crew also provided provisions, performed regular servicing, took part in charitable activities and discovered the island's unparalleled cultural and tourist attractions.

America's chaplain, Commander Mike Foskett, organised the three charitable causes for America. At Oceanview Middle School on January 8th, 25 sailors and marines talked to college and college undergraduates about the army and its work. "Anais Fernandez, one of the children's voluntary workers, said: "It was great to share with the children and to discuss who we are and what we do.

"They were unbelievable and I really hoped we'd come back to stay with them for more years. "America's crews also attended the Catholic Adult Day Care Center on January 9, where they had the chance to engage with older people and exchange experience and story.

"They worked really well to attend day care and schools, helped clean the beach and got to know some of the Guamese. "In the harbour, both teams had the opportunity to discover the islands, see the places of interest and interact with local population. "It' s been a great time to be able to enjoy yourself in such an astonishing place," said logistics specialist Anthony Campbell, a sailor sent to America.

" Fifteenth MEU Navy and the American occupation spend the first few day in the harbour washing their vehicles. America Amphibious in the Indo-Asian Pacific area, with its Fifteenth Marine Expeditionary Unit, is working to reinforce relationships and act as a resource for any kind of eventuality.

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