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The Samoa Water Authority - Measured water supply from publication: Have a look at the location, revenues, industry and description of the Samoa Water Authority. The Samoan mythology tells stories of many different diets. Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi Building Apia Samoa. The PACC+ has enabled families living in Tokelau to have better water quality and better access.

Seugama'ali'i appointed again director of the water authority.

Jammie Saena has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Water Authority (S.W.A.) for the next three years. "First of all, reporting and accessibility," she said. "Many of our employees have migrated to the interior due to the effects of climatic changes, but unfortunately these areas are outside S.W.A.'s supply area, so we want to expand our cover to these areas.

"Much of S.W.A.'s work consists in working with the churches, they require work to be done, and we work with them to realize it. The Commission added that further enhancing partnerships with other competent bodies and improving the quality of services were further keys to the Authority.

"The work of the S.W.A. is not possible alone," she said. "Another focal point is the improvement of our services for our clients and the public's trust in S.W.A. as an effective supplier. When asked about the S. W. A. issues to be addressed, the C. E. O. replied that the most important issues were those of the global warming and the lack of water bill.

"One of the biggest challenge is the influence of global warming on our water supply," she said. "S. W. A. is committed to educating and raising public understanding about the importance of water saving and minimising water wasting, so this is also one of the reason why we help our clients with high water billings due to leaks - we don't want them wasting water.

"We also have a careful search for leaks and an offensive measurement program that has been running for several years and this is one of the measures we have taken to tackle this problem of water waste and upkeep. "Another of the challenges is people's readiness to meet their water bill. "Samoa demands one of the cheapest rates in the whole wide globe, so S.W.A. and the government are investing a great deal of cash in the water infrastructures that bring water into a house or a company, and we cannot keep or clean this infrastructures if they do not cover their bill.

"I have shown the various ways in which these problems can be solved if they are of relevance to the work of S.W.A.," Seugamaalii said.

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