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The Sigma Tao

Chapters Officers - Sigma Tau Gamma Its executive body is composed of selected members who constitute a cooperative management team. The cupboard has five to nine different items, according to the dimensions of the section. Three Executive cabinets are available from which the sections can choose: the Fisher, Hoffman or Salter models. Every style is called after one of our founder and graded for different capitalizes.

They are all appointed officials and are therefore accountable for the functioning and general welfare of the Chapters. Items listed below are included in the Fisher model and serve as the foundation for each Executive Cabinet model. He is the President-elect of the Chapters. He chairs the sessions of the section.

The chairperson determines the agendas, supervises all actions and is spokesperson of the group. He is also the President of the Executive Cabinet Chap. Membership and Community Commitment Director, Recruitment Director, Education and Wellness Director and Finance and Operations Director act together with the President as members of the Executive Committee with the right to vote.

Taken together, they constitute a joint Executive Cabinet. They are all fully accountable as elective officials. The President of the Chapters shall, however, be in charge of overseeing the work of each coordinator in relation to the objectives of the Chapters. Any nomination of public officials is submitted to the Board and to the approval of the Executive Cabinet.

Consultation and approval means that the Cabinet either approves or rejects an appointing by a single voting margin, but may not choose a replacement for the office through a nominating and electoral process. It is the main goal of the Director of Education and Wellness to minister in the Executive Cabinet, to create a sound and secure atmosphere for members and visitors and to link members with experience that promotes both individual and career well being.

Among the tasks of the Director of Education & Wellness are: Managing, managing and ensuring the success of the tasks of the Faculty Relations Coordinator, Health and Wellness Coordinator, New Member Education Coordinator, Ongoing Member Education Coordinator and Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator. Attendance at all cabinet meetings. Its main purpose is to act as a member of the Executive Cabinet and to guarantee the chapter's durability through targeted recruiting and retaining effort and to promote the advantages of members.

The main tasks of the Director of Recruitment depend on the cabinets that use the chapter: ? Lead, administer and assist the Academic Coordinator, Diversity Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Recruitment Coordinator, Retention Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator and Website Coordinator to create a supporting framework for current members. Attendance at all sessions of the office.

Its main goal is to minister in the Executive Cabinet and to link members with practices that foster community service and fraternity. He thus provides a greater level of expertise for his brethren and ensures that the Fraternity makes progress. Among the tasks of the Director of Member & Community Engagement are:

The coordinator for alumni relations, the coordinator for brotherhoods, the coordinator for fundraising, the coordinator for Greek Week, the coordinator for homecoming, the coordinator for parental relations, the coordinator for philanthropy, the service coordinator, the social coordinator and the coordinator for the White Rose Banquet. Attendance at all cabinet meetings. Collaborate with the Director of Finance & Operations to design, file and monitor the budgets for the areas of accountability.

Its main purpose is to assist the Executive Cabinet and to further the objectives of the section through sound trusteeism. This ensures a greater level of expertise for his brethren, which ensures that the chapters run well. Through his effort and guidance, the Director of Finance and Operation will foster the organisation's integrative nature, file the chapter's work, and finally drive forward the chapter's objectives.

Attendance at all cabinet meetings. Twice a year (November 15 and April 15), submit a detailed map of chapters to OMEGA FI and share your experiences. Visit the Webb Academy (January) and take part in the Finance and Operations Track.

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