Kalaheo Kauai Hawaii

Kauai Kalaheo Hawaii

It' a flourishing church on Kauai. It owes its name to the traditional Hawaiian salt lake next to the bay. Locate weight loss psychiatrists in Kalaheo, Kauai County, Hawaii, get help from a Kalaheo weight loss psychiatrist in Kalaheo. Courtesy of Hawaii Information Service. Receive the Kalaheo weather forecast.

Kauai's pristine neighbourhood steak house

For over 30 years, this institution has benefited the population of Kauai. It was our mission to renovate the Kalaheo Steak Haus and to provide the Kalaheo and Greater Kauai area with a first-class rural cuisine. On our menus you will find some of the best Kauai has to choose from, such as our characteristic steak, first-class chops and juicy chops accompanied by a range of homemade dressings, as well as our favourite locally sourced foods, freshwater seafood, pastas and a wide variety of starters and sauads.

There is also a complete lounge with a full day's happily hours and great specials.

Kalaheo Café & Coffee Company

The Kalaheo Café & Café Company is located on the garden island of Kauai. We are located in the luxuriant Kalaheo hills, where over 4000 hectares of sturdy coffees grow in the sun of Hawaii. Opened in May 1994, our small local and Kauai guests like it.

We have a cheerful and welcoming team, the meals are savoury and tasty, and our coffees are a good way to get the workday underway. Maybe we are best known for our tasty breakfasts with specialities like "Upcountry Breakfast" and "Bagel Benny". There is something for every taste on our midday menu: from crispy lettuces with lots of home-made vegetables to our delicatessen sandwhiches and burger (with coriander-garlic-french fries!).

Our menus light up the nights when breakfasts and lunches drive the days! Coffee Company " is part of our name and Kauai, Kona and HAWAIIIAN coffee are our speciality! Not only do we love to sell these great coffee products from all over Hawaii, we also like them!

We' re looking for the best insular cafes and roasting them perfectly. In response to many requests, we have set up an on-line shop on our website so that you can experience the island of Hawaii at home. Thank you for visiting our website - we look forward to welcoming you soon!

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