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Check out our gallery and the wonderful collection of Fiji pictures to inspire your journey. Treasure Island is never far away from natural beauty. Secluded resort Fiji Islands, Vanua Levu Picture: Take your own invaluable Fiji photos by putting yourself in the picture. Offer to present trade between Fiji and Japan, investment opportunities.

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The Treasure Islands is located in one of Fiji's most scenic areas, the Mamanuca Islands. Famous for its clean sand, lush vegetation and bright sea, it is not possible not to be impressed by the beautiful nature of our islands-resorts. Browse through the pictures below to see more. We' re proud to present the New Zealand artist's Max Key's All the Way F... videos.

Featuring the gorgeous Treasure Island Resort as a background, we totally do!

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Fiji's meteorological services have lifted their cycle alert for the group of islands in the southerly part of the archipelago and the wind is likely to blow by directly to the southerly side of the major islands over night. It has been rearmed to the highest possible Class 5 and is heading westwards into open-water. Neither Kadavu, Matuku and Moala were to be directly affected, but they would face storms of up to 120kph.

Havoc in Tonga has shown how fragile these lower islands are. Forcibly landing on Tonga by the fourth class wind, it tore the roof of a house and ruined a Roman Catholicsurch. Lakeba Hospital's Dexter Chute said nurses on the endangered islands of Votoa and Ono-I-Lau have been relying on phone instructions for serious illness.

Chute said without phone lines, the only available health care provider would be the nurses. "The last hurricane to strike the Pacific Ocean was in February 2016, when Winston struck Fiji killing 44 men. Check out the latest news on our weblog: The director of the National Disaster Management Office in Fiji, Anare Leveniqila, said the hurricane has endangered the 2,500 lives on Ono-I-Lau and Vatoa.

Said that major metropolitan areas such as Suva were less threatened by Cyclone Gita, but humans should take precautions and still be prepared for storm breezes. Mr Leveniqila said that the Lau population should be prepared for the worse. They should also make sure that they know where their particular evac center is if they have to evacuate their homes.

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