Maui Prince

The Maui Prince

The Maui Prince Hotel changed hands and became the Makena Beach and Golf Resort. Maui Hawaii Resort is located in the Makena Resort Area on Maui. The Maui Prince Luau review includes the Drums of Makena Show, menu, costs and schedule, location and parking, pictures and videos of this South Maui Luau. High prices, information, pictures and reservations. The Maui Prince Hotel in Makena is known for its warm white sandy beaches, great tennis and the famous Makena golf courses.

Relocated Maui Prince Hotel in Makena Beach and Golf Resort

Makena Beach and Golf is the Maui Prince Hotel until 2009. It' a few leagues southward of the other big resorts in Wailea. Due to its insulated position and the slightly smaller dimensions, it is calmer than the Grand and the other large Wailea properties. However, this also means that it is a longer journey from Makena Beach to shops, places of interest and many more.

Telephone for the Makena Beach Hotel was 808-874-1111. Here you can find more information about the Makena Beach Resort. For a discounted rate for other Maui Hotel & Apartments for your preferred date of journey, click here. The Makena Beach and Golf Resort (formerly Maui Prince ) was a good option if you want a secluded spot on the southern side of Maui.

See South Maui Hotel for ratings and pictures of other properties on this page of Maui.

Maui Prince changes hands again - evolutions

The roller coaster year for the former Maui Prince in Hawaii went on this weekend when one of the mortgagees took over the estate to operate and develop it. Former Apollo Real Estate Advisors, AREA Real Estate Partners, today revealed that they have turned their $30 million share of the hotel's $192 million home loan into stock.

The real estate, now known as Makena Beach and Park, will be operated by the new equities partner Trinity Investments LLC and Stanford Carr Management LLC. The AREA Group plans to keep the real estate instead of offering it for immediate resale, as most foreclosure creditors do. There are 310-roomed hotels, two 18-hole course and 1,300 hectares of living space.

The Maui Prince Hotel remains open under new direction

Maui Prince Hotel at Makena Reserve will be open at least for the near-term. Wells Fargo Bank, the resort's mortgaging provider, today announces the choice of Texas-based benchmark hospitality managed as the resort's new manager, with effect from September 17. Prince Hotels Hawaii, the resort's present manager, will terminate its operation agreement the previous morning as foreseen.

the name and corporate identity of the Resorts. Princes Resorts Hawaii declared on August 31 that it intends to end its managerial agreement on Sept. 16 - a move that was threatening continuing operations of the Maui Prince Hotels and its Makena North Gulf course. Prince Resorts Hawaii quoted at the event that it had not been able to finance the salary and running costs for the accommodation and course from the Makena Resorts owner and lender on which both homes are on.

On August 24, a syndicate of Makena Reserve creditors headed by Wells Fargo Bank lodged a lawsuit against the reserve claiming that the real estate owner had fallen behind on a $192.5 million home overdraft. Prinz-Hotels Hawaii said on August 31 that it chose to end its agreement when owner and lenders could not ensure prospective financing of the hotels and the golf course through a cut-off date that both sides had discontinued.

Well Fargo Bank contradicted Prince Hawaii's Prince Hotels layout on Sept. 1 and asked a district court magistrate to nominate a recipient to take over running the Maui Prince Hotels and Makena North Gulf course. Well Fargo lawyer Barry Sullivan also alleged that the lender had brought forward the financing to Prince Hotels Hawaii by due date to settle the hotel's sellers and subcontractors.

Then Sullivan said that there were moves to hire a new manager to manage Prince Hotels Hawaii. Wells Fargo Bank's lawyers received provisional permission from Circuit Court Judge Shackley Raffetto to name Benchmark Hospitality Managment as the new manager of the hospitality and course area.

The Turtle Bay Resort on the north coast of Oahu also administers Benchmark Hospitality. Maui Prince and Makena North Course has 380 employees. This 310-room motel has been in use since 1986.

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