Samoa Holidays

Holidays in Samoa

Combination of emotions about Independence Day Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labour has made a revision to the holiday announcement for the fifty-fourth session of the UN Commission on Human Rights. Announcement states that the general population, businessmen, shopkeepers, employees and employer are again informed that according to section 2 of the 2008 Law on National Holidays, the national holidays commemorating the 54 years of Samoa's independence are as follows.

  • Holiday for civil servants only - Friday, 3 June 2016. Fridays, June 3 is a regular working weekday and not a holiday. The announcement has annoyed some entrepreneurs, while others have come to terms with seeking a favourable outcome to the government's work.

The Moe Lei Sam owners of the Moe Lei Samoa Variety Store said that the two holidays will influence their businesses. "How are we supposed to live with so many holidays?" she asked. "This is very unjust for us, I mean, there are so many holidays, we had election day, then we have Mother's Day, Independence Day, Father's Day and White Sunday.

To Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork said that every company needs five working day to achieve its selling goals, but having three working day puts everyone under peep. "We won't be able to reach our goal for three whole day and that will be a waste to our business," he said.

Mrs Lei Samoa said that the Samoan economy is very bad today and the population is hurting. "I would like to reminds the Prime Minister that our staff are dependent on us and if we are still on leave we will not be able to do it. "If they choose these holidays, staff wages should be half as high because we should not give them full wages for nothing.

Yet another privately owned entrepreneur who wants to stay anonym said the holidays can be a good thing or a bad thing. "I think it's okay because we're going to be spending those two few extra working day's with our families," she said. "Because for most of us they don't really have enough free space for our family, because they are too occupied with doing other things and doing other things, but I think these holidays will be enough to give as much free space as possible to their family.

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