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Hiva production

Mix crab meat in a large bowl without breaking it too open. Ketchup, clamato and the juice of the third lime. Use of our services signifies your agreement to our privacy policy and the use of cookies to help us provide our services. Slice into small pieces and place in a bowl. Slice the tomatoes into small pieces.

The Tostadas de Jaiba

Well, now that the holiday season has come and gone, we are looking for healthy food decisions, whether it is to loose some body mass or to get ready for Lent. Most Catholics know everything about Lent and in these 40-day periods, according to tradition, usually do not eat beef.

Stay close by, I'll tell you about my folks, my customs and the cuisine. I' ll share with you a favourite of your whole household for Lent, Tostadas de Jaiba or Crabmeat Tostadas. On weekends I learnt how to make yucca thanks to Doña Lupe and Cochinita from Dulce, Gaby's mum.

Lent is something in my folks that we try to do every year. Ever since I was very young, my mother made every year tasadas de jaba to commemorate Lent, shrimp flesh is my favourite and today I am sharing this passion for jaiiba with my own people. I would like to be able to share this formula with you and hopefully you will be able to include it in your fasting cures.

Stir in ReaLime Saft as well as the Clamato Saft, Sal and Pfeffer. Served and enjoyed over sweet corn Toststadas! You can see that they are very easy to make, but tastefully packaged. Clamato juices give all your fasting formulas a special taste, they go well with most shellfish formulas.

Throughout Lent I make sure that I always have something for my prawn cocktail, soup, Micheladas and even my botana. There' so much you can do with Clamato. And if you want to give your fasting formulas a great full taste, you should definitely visit Walmart and try Clamato Juice, there is even a Clamato Picante for those of us who enjoy the added thrill of our cuisine.

Savour your #40DaysOfFlavor with Clamato, more receipes can be found here. Favourite Lenten prescriptions? Now that the holidays are over, many are looking for healthier foods, either to lose some weight or to prepare for Lent. If you are Catholic, you may know everything about Lent and the traditions that are common in this day and age.

For some it can be difficult if you are used to eating meat every day, like my father, who always has to have some kind of meat for dinner. But you will be surprised that there are delicious, meatless dishes that have the same taste, or maybe even better than red meat recipes.

Today I would like to tell you something about my family, traditions and food. I' m going to tell you one of the family's favourite Lenten recipes: Crab Toast. My family comes from the northern and central regions of Mexico, when I got married I joined a family with different traditions and food than before.

And since my husband's sister-in-law, Gaby and her family are the only ones living near us, we spent most weekends at her house learning all about her food and Veracruz culture. For Latinos, food is everything. Lent is something in my family that we try to do every year.

Since I was very young, my mother has made crab toast for us every year to celebrate Lent, it is my favourite dish and today I prepare it for my own family. I would like to share this recipe with you, and I hope you will add it to your fasting recipes.

Add the ReaLime juice, Clamato juice, salt and pepper and mix. Serve on corn buns and enjoy! As you can see, this recipe is very easy to prepare, but full of flavour. Clamato juice gives all your fasting recipes a unique taste, it even goes hand in hand with most seafood recipes.

During Lent I always make sure that I have something for my shrimp cocktails, seafood soups, Michelada's and even in snacks like peanut cucumbers. There are so many things you can do with Clamato. If you want to spice up your fasting recipes, you should definitely stop by Walmart and bring the Clamato juice, there is even Clamato picante for those of us who are looking for this special spice in our meals.

Enjoy the 40 days of taste with Clamato, more recipes can be found on her site here. What are her favourite Lenten recipes?

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