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However, Kauai has always been the quietest and most remote of the four large Hawaiian islands and there is a relaxed, informal atmosphere. If I visited Kauai again, I could concentrate on one particular pastime. What beaches to visit Kauai:. The Kauai, "the garden island", is a dreamy tropical rainforest district. Maui Island;

Hawaii; Kauai Island; Oahu Island; Lanai Island.

Accommodation in Kauai

I' ve been to Kauai recently on a fact-finding mission and had so many questions about where to go and what to do that I thought I'd make my choice here, in case you ever made it out there. For a few nights I spent in the south of the archipelago at Koloa Landing Resort and then a few nights at Whalers Cove.

The Koloa Landing is ideal if you have kids or travel with a large group. Condominiums have no AC, but frankly you don't even need them because the cruciform wind keeps them really cold and comfy. There' s no local place to eat, but to be honest, I didn't care because I like to cook my own cuisine.

KOOLOA FOISHMARK kooloa foishmark - Had my first dish here (I know, I know, where was I?!!) and it was amazing. It' all so cool. I' had the Shi Burgers and chips and it was crazy. Like, if you're going to have french fries, you need to have good french fries and I don't know what it was about these - maybe they were just that crisp, but the french fries and burgers were fnn...

Anake' s juice bar - Great little juices and smoothies commercial in the back of a foodshop. It had a crisp sap ( "fantastic") and my first shell of açaí. I' m having square golf cavioli and a couple of crispies. I' m having coconuts. Chopper tour: I' ve done it via Island Tours, which is the only firm that can end up at the Jurassic Park Falls.

She had played the whole song the whole time and it was reassuring and in some places it was honest. Hike to Waipoo Falls at Weimea Canyon: I really wanted to hike more, but frankly I was suffering from jetlag and fatigue, and it rained a lot while I was there.

Usually I'm not interested in trekking in the rainy season, but the Kauai walks have big warning signs of slips, falls and possibly death. Snorkel tour: While I was there, the waters were very harsh. When we went to our ship, the skipper asked two other charters if they had canceled their trips and they said yes.

However, we didn't come to snorkelling because the sea was too cloudy and cloudy and the skipper said we couldn't see anything. Actually, I was a lot worse than a puppy from the harsh sea (there was actually a whole group of us who were ill on the boat), and to be frank, I couldn't really expect to get off that one.

But if the sea is not harsh, you should definitely try the trip (I have been to Greece before and had no problems, but these bodies of land were crazy). Otherwise, if you can only do one big thing, I would suggest the boat trip by boat - walking shoes - I have many issues about mine, and these are.

When I was there it was cool in the mornings and the second the heat came out it was insanely warm. leisure wear - even the most beautiful places are very easy. I saw some guys snorkelling on different sands with their own things, so it would be a good thing if you brought them with you.

You think Kauai would be a place you'd go? You ever been to Hawaii?

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