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Guam is a beautiful place? And I don't know anything about it. - Peru Forum

Guam is a nice place? We' re living in Beijing and looking for a nice place to get away from the coldness. With a free flight to Guam, I wonder if they have great sandy spots and what makes them so special. Could someone drop me a line and give me a resume of what Guam is like?

Guam is a lovely place? Hello Hudson, I haven't been to Guam since 1990, so 20 years later it must be completely different......I haven't come back to Guam since....... However, Guam has marvelous warm to warm wheather in Hawaii... I remained at the Pacific Island Club 5* Resort on Agana Bay.....The resorts front strand a lagoon beautifully, tho' I did notice that the adjoining beaches were not so cute with rough sands.....

I' d like to have traveled to the other side of the whole country, as I was informed, is nice, but since I only had one weeks spare my stay there was restricted........ I found the most one-of-a-kind thing about Guam was its story during the conflict and how many innumerable men, women with infants jumped off the high rocks to escape....Unbelievable.....!

Guam is a nice place? I' ve just come back from a journey to Guam and Palau and was very much struck by the wonderful sandy and hot waters and sea-view. As a rule we are quite energetic and enjoyed the many possibilities for snorkelling, scuba-dive ( "not as good as Palau, but still good"), kayak and hiking on the shore.

I' m planning to go back to other diving locations one of these days and see some of the places we didn't have enough spare moments for on the first one. Guam is a nice place? BBC's Guam reviews on Lonely Planet. Guam is a nice place?

But I don't know anything about it. the beach is not so great. good shops and good meals.... many different and very secure places to stay. Guam is a nice place?

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