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A US office manager and reality TV personality, Vecepia Towery-Robinson is best known for winning Survivor: Marquesas, Survivor's fourth season. The only survivor of Survivor is Vecepia "Vee" Towery: Marquesas. Vecepia's victory was boring to me the first time it happened. Find out more about Vecepia Towery: her birthday, what she did before her fame, her family life, funny facts, popularity rankings and much more. Vecepia Towery was the first player in the history of the game to win Survivor for the second time last week.

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A US station chief and TV personalities in the real world, Vecepia Towery-Robinson is best known for her win of Survivor: Marquesas, Survivor's 4. series. Towery, part of the Maraamu clan, was not a goal at the beginning of the series. Losing her tribe's first immune defensive defense defensive stance, she did not join the remainder of her clan to deselect Peter Harkey but, along with Sean Rector, cast her ballot for Sarah Jones because she believed she was not exercising her clout.

In Episode Two, when Maraamu again loses the Immunity, she joins Rector, Rob Mariano and Jones to deselect the maternal character of the people, Patricia Jackson, for her willfulness. In Episode 3, when the strain again loses it' s privacy, the new Fourth ally aimed at the most powerful member of the group, Hunter Ellis, and he was deselected.

Episode Four features a procession in which Towery, Mariano and Rector moved from the Maraamu to the Rotu people. Jones was abandoned on Maraamu and soon after deselected. A victory in episode 6 provided for the security of Mariano, Rector and Towery.

As the two clans united to form Soliantu, the old Rotu members aim for the Towery, Rector and Mariano Alliances. Mariano seemed to have been condemned to failure and was for the first time targetted for his excessively intriguing actions; even Towery chose to vote for him in the tribe board to dissociate himself from their old covenant. In the Final Nine, Towery and Rector Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien persuaded to play the Rotu Four, but they also needed the voices of Paschal English and Neleh Dennis to secure a third.

The English and Dennis were both against the concept, but an immune defiance that exposed the rules of the match and showed the Rotu Alliances' pride enabled them to see that they were competing for fifth or even 6th place. Dennis and English took Towery, Rector and Vavrick-O'Brien's side and elected John Carroll, the Rotu ally' s commander.

In the new five-man coalition in place, it selected the members of the fractured coalition in a systematic sequence, starting with Zoe Zanidakis, then Tammy Leitner and eventually Robert DeCanio. In the Final Five, Towery and Rector Vavrick-O'Brien let it be known that she was clearly a voting swinger, as the link between Dennis and English was too close to being broke.

Although Rector and Towery rejected a mutual covenant, they remained together and agreed against Dennis. Vavrick-O'Brien was on the side of Dennis and English, and Rector was deselected, so Towery remained without an ally. The next goal, Towery, knew she had to gain her immunity and did just that to secure a place in the Final Three.

Vavrick-O'Brien immediately realized that she could be deselected and formed an association with Towery. Voting against Dennis, who together with English vetoed Vavrick-O'Brien, led to a very close stalemate. As Towery had immunity, the last three Shipwrecked Stones moved to find out who was called out.

English, although he had never gotten a vote against him, pulled the violet stone and was removed. That was a very contentious step by the survivor manufacturers and was even classified as a fault. Since then, stone painting has never been used in a Final Four setting, and the manufacturers have opted for a firework design project instead.

He was the first Black America participant to have won Survivor[1][7][8] followed by Earl Cole of Survivor: Fiji, Jeremy Collins of Survivor: Cambodia and Wendell Holland of Survivor: Ghost Island. "Hamilton's wife'sole Survivor'. Survivors of Fevers - Vecepia Towery - Survivors: Marquesas. "He''The Lost Survivor''. {\pos (192,235)^"Hayward's own'Survivor' / She won $1 million from CBS TV show".

Vecepia Towery, 1 Black wins $1 million at CBS survival.

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