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You can book your tickets online for the main activities in Guam, Mariana Islands on TripAdvisor: View our recommended attractions in Guam (all) Guam. Locate the perfect Guam attractions stock photo. Guam is best known for its water sports, diving and golf, but is far from the only sporting activities or attractions on the island. The Asan Overlook is one of Guam's biggest tourist attractions in the port of Apra.

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The main attractions of Tumon are the smooth, sandy beach and the sparkling water. The Gun Beach at the northern end of the cove and Ypao Beach, the biggest and oldest beach of Tumon, are top places for sunbathing and snorkelling. Booking a angling charters or a dive trip to one of the many coral cliffs, wreck and cave sites just a few metres from the shore or within Tumon bay Marine Preserve.

When you return ashore, there are a variety of outdoor pursuits to enjoy, among them aquariums, Cushing's Zoo, zippered food, the Tunnelling Tank, magical shows, dining shows, fun and excitement drives, dance, karaoke sessions and more. It is also Guam's retailing city. A number of world-renowned clothing design and lifestyle labels have shops in high-end centres such as T-Galleria Guam, Tumon Sands Plaza, Micronesia Mall and The Plaza Shoppingmall.

World War II relicts such as japanese-Bunker ( "Tumon Beach") and Cannons ("Gun Beach") are still in their former states. Sun worshippers are mostly forgetful. Step under the Archbishop Felixberto Flores near Guam Premier Outlets and marvel at the first Archbishop of Guam. You can' t go out of Tumon without a visit to Two Lovers Point, the viewpoint on the cliff where Guam's most celebrated mantra is.

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Hop higher and dive hard. Solid wall-to-wall trampoline for never-ending activities with your mates. Float into the foam zone without fear: smooth lands for giant outdoors. Classical hoops with a turn from the air: high-flying boulders, swaths and cans. This is a frustrating, twitchy leader hanging over a smooth touchdown. Up-to-date information on specific activities and offerings in our theme park.

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