Kapiti Island Nature Tours

Qapiti Island Nature Tours

The Kapiti Island Nature Tours offers ferry transportation, full day and overnight accommodation to Kapiti Island, a nature reserve hosting some of New Zealand's most endangered birds. It is the only accommodation on Kapiti Island. Glamour tents and natural cabins are also included. Here you will find reviews and tips from people like you on Kapiti Island Nature Tours Wellington, New Zealand. Paraparaumu Kapiti Island Nature Tours image:

The Kapiti Island Nature Tours (Paraparaumu) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

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Sights in Wellington and Kapiti

Licensed business travel agencies (click on'commercial operators' above) offer transportation and tours on Kapiti Island. It is a favourite holiday spot all year round, so reservations must be made in anticipation of the holiday time. The Kapiti Island Nature Reserve is not allowed to accommodate personal craft such as personal craft, canoes, jets, paddle boards, floats and other personal vessels.

Nobody lands on this island without a warrant. Boat starts from Kapiti Boating Club on 1 Manly Road, Paraparaumu Beaches. In order to get there, turn into Kapiti Road at the Paraparaumu light and drive to the shore. Boating Club is located at the end of Kapiti Road.

Kapiti Island guests can use the Kapiti Boating Center or the parking lot opposite the Kapiti Boating Center. Excursions to the island depend on the prevailing conditions. Please consult the tour operator in the mornings of your journey for a meteorological cheque and to validate your sailing itinerary. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and a watertight coat, as the climate can quickly alter.

Accommodation and restrooms are available on the island. It explains the island's immigration requirements and security, as well as information on the island's wildlife, animal life and population. Prepare to depart the island at the sailing times indicated by your captain. Accomodation in the island's nature reserves is not allowed.

Part of the island is privately owned. Please do not bring your pet to Kapiti Island.

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