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It' s hard to imagine how the islanders moved such a large statue from the quarry four miles (six kilometres) away; Paro is the largest mai transported on the island. It reached Easter Island, more from the Tuamotu archipelago, the northern islands of the social group and some of the Samoan islands. An all-inclusive Explore Rapa Nui service allows you to discover the best landscapes of Easter Island. DISCOVER EASTER ISLAND AND DISCOVER ITS MAGIC WITH US!

Discover the Atacama Desert, the highest and driest desert in the world.

Exploration of Rapa Nui - Easter Island in five jours

Since I made an astonishing trade off with Ambassador and I had reserved a $22 sightseeing tour of the island eleven month in advance, I was thrilled to come to Easter\s+Island. Although it didn't go exactly as I had hoped, the attractions and the story make Easter Island a great place to be.

Although the local populace is just under 6,000 full-time residents, I can hardly believe where they all are and what they are doing. It is a small island and its capital seems to be even smaller. A lot of folks warned me that five full day on the island wouldn't be enough to see everything, but I fight to see how someone would stay there longer.

I' ve done my whole schedule of things I could see in two or three day and just laid back the work. Here is what I did to fill my island up. Caverns are a great way to enjoy a forenoon or an afternoons. On one end of the island, just outside the city and past the international airports, there is a huge caldera that now gathers rainwater and forms a lakes.

It is one of the many sheltered areas of the island, so you cannot dare to enter the craters, but it is completely breathtaking. Surrounded by some of the first villages on the island, the area is full of historical sites. With the help of a leader we learnt a lot about the first humans on Easter Island and about their old Olympics among the chieftains of the island.

Obviously, the primary cause why every year the Easter Island is visited by tens of thousands a year is to see the old Moai. Approximately a thousand sculptures exist on the island, most of them from 1400-1650 AD. Almost all were cut from the Rano Raraku vulcano, and all but one group are directed inwards to save the island's people.

Constructed after the demise of an important beloved person, they are very holy as such, as they are the forefathers of the island' s inhabitants. Some time between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, all the moai on the island were thrown face down. A few appear alone, while others are grouped and set up on islands.

It was the best moment to walk around without aiming and take photos of the different Moai groups and arrangement or just sit around and try to find them out. In my view, the best place to see the moai is the island stone pit. I was sick of my legs long before I saw every Moai in the stone pit.

Whilst enjoying my stay on the island, I recommend everyone who goes to hire a vehicle and explore in peace. The only drawback on Easter Island was that I ignored this council and went with a leader. Google and Easter Island would have been just as instructive and probably much more pleasant.

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