Austral divers

Aussie divers

Schedule a visit to Austral Divers, Chile. Quintay, Valparaiso, Chile. The Austral Divers dive shop in Santiago, Chile. Showing divers near the underwater steamer of Orient Company S.S.

Austral, which sank at their mooring in Neutral Bay, Sydney. Print: wood engraving. See Car-mie Wong Maiben's business profile as a Specialty Instructor at Austral Divers and see her work history, memberships and more.

Astonishing Diving Places - Review of Austral Divers, Valparaiso, Chile

At last we got into the lake after 1 pm. It' a pure bone surgery, nothing nice. You have an open hot showers with 3 head in one of them. Nobody who worked in the store that particular afternoon was speaking English very well, but another scuba-diver was talking well enough to interpret the itinerary.

At the end we wanted to explore the ruins of a whaler. It was only a few hundred metres from the store, so there was no travelling season. This small open vessel was started by the 5 divers and 3 staff members from the water.

My first dives were 19 metres long and took 34 min in a fairly good stream before I had to show up without seeing the ship. We' re a few mins at 5 metres and went back inside. While I was discussing it, I realized the diver master was looking at me. A mate of mine interpreted that the diver had gotten astray and that we would not have enough spare hours to discover the shipwreck if we had found it.

I and my friend agreed to go special diving again to see the shipwreck. There were 2 hrs to the next dives, so we had dinner in a nearby restaurants with very good cuisine. Next dives were 36 min. at 20m and still no shipwreck. Telling my mate that I was sure the diver had said to the other boys that we didn't have enough spare minute to go on the first dives because I didn't have enough fresh out.

This" poor" I evaluated because he accused me of not being able to find the shipwreck on the first time. When you entered the sea, the dives were just fine.

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