Wellington Day Trips Kapiti Coast

Wellnessington Day Trips Kapiti Coast

Some of Standout's day trip destinations near Wellington include: You can visit the third area, the Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington. North of Wellington is an area known as the Kapiti Coast. Excursions & Day Trips Activities in Wellington, New Zealand. Kapiti Coast is an easy day trip from Wellington, but if you are after a few relaxing days, there is enough interest to entertain you.

Top 5 day trips from Wellington, New Zealand

Please note: Here are five excursions you need to add to your checklist. Wairarapa is just an hour's car ride from Wellington. Well-known for its rustic charms, its unconventional appearance and a series of charming stops in between. Some of the favourite destinations in the area are Situated in South Wairarapa, Martinborough is famous for its vines and olives.

The castlepoint is a sandy spot in the Wairarapa area, one hours from Masterton. To get an alternate look at the coast of Wairarapa, go to Cape Palliser. It is only an hour's car ride from Martinborough and also has an admirable beacon. Luckily you can see the underwater world - Cape Palliser is known for its biggest seals on the North Island.

The beautiful area, one hours northern of Wellington, is easy to reach by rail, coach or air. The Kapiti offers 40 kilometers of pristine shores, moderate climate and a completely relaxed ambience. Enjoy the coastline, try a game of gulf at Paraparaumu Beach Club or watch birds on the secluded island of Kapiti.

For the latter, pre-registrations are necessary, as the islands are under nature protection. A 3 hours cruise on the Cook Straight gives you a breathtaking panoramic look as you get ready for your first look at the South Isle. Situated on the coast, this small city is part of the Malborough area - famous for its Sauvignon Blanc vineyards, the Queen Charlotte Track and the Malborough Sounds.

For a secluded spot not too far from the town, take West Ferry on Queen's wharf in the centre of Wellington and drive to Matiu/Somes Iceland. It is a predator-free cultural and science reservation - as such, you can be subject to biocontrol upon your arriving.

The Matiu/Somes Island is a great place to hike the day, discover the area' s rich heritage and get to know the indigenous flora. It' major entrance, known as Catchpool Valley, is 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Wellington, and there are several other inlets.

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