Tuamotu Islands Travel

Touamotu Islands Travel

During your holiday in Tuamotu archipelago, surround yourself in the local scene by tasting regional menu items and participating in the nightlife. A world-class location near the Tuamotu Islands. Excursions to the Tuamotu Islands | Add Trip. Tuamotu Archipelago Visitors Information. Tuamotus are located in French Polynesia and are the largest atoll chain in the world.

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Tuamotus Islands is a French-Polynesian range of almost 80 islands and atols, extending from the north-west to the south-east over an area of the South Pacific which is approximately as large as Western Europe, and with a surface area of 850 km2 and 16,000 people forms the biggest atoll range in the underworld.

The most important islands are Anaa, Fakarava, Hao and Makemo. Tuamotu Islands were inhabited by Polynesians, so Tuamotuans have a shared cultural and linguistic heritage. Tahitian peoples called the islands the original Paumotus, meaning "submissive islands", until a mission from the islands persuaded the Parisian government to transform them into Tuamotus, the "distant islands".

There are 2 mountain crossings, the northern Garuae and the southern Tumakohua mountain crossings. There are plenty of shark in the southern part of Fakarava! Yangiroa - one of the biggest antolls in the whole wide globe and the most populated Tuamotus-isle. Populated islands - Apataki (400 inhabitants), Arutua (1,750 inhabitants), Kaukura (500 inhabitants), Mataiva (200 inhabitants), Niau (100 inhabitants), Toau (40 inhabitants).

Populated islands - Anaa (400 inhabitants), Aratika (250 inhabitants), Faaite (250 inhabitants), Katiu (250 inhabitants), Kauehi (670 inhabitants), Makemo (900 inhabitants), Nihiru (25 inhabitants), Raroia (150 inhabitants), Taenga (75 inhabitants), Takume (100 inhabitants). Unknown - Haraiki, Hiti, Marutea North, Motutunga, Raraka, Tahanea, Taiaro (private), Tepoto Sud, Tuanake, Undeveloped - Napuka (250 inhabitants), Puka-Puka (100 inhabitants), Tepoto North (50 inhabitants).

Populated islands - Hereheretue (50 inhabitants), Nukutepipi (2 inhabitants). Rangiroa has some of the best diving in the whole wide range in and around the Tiputa Pass, which is located at one end of one of the highways. Five kilometers to the Avatoru Pass. Sitting porpoises (Tursiops truncatus) are a regular member of the group at the pass.

As the stream flows inwards through the Tiputa Pass, about 200 samples of fish are collected at the Tiputa Pass entry at a depth of fifty metres. The Tiputa Pass in January is home to numerous sting rays and shovelheads. Tahiti Air is flying from several Polynesian islands like Bora Bora, Papeete, Fakarava etc. to Rangiroa.

The majority of travelers live in Avatoru mtuu. (Tiputa mtu can only be reached by boat).

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