Who Owns the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands. Who owns them?

He' s got another resort renovation on the island ahead of him. Ellison brought Nobu to the island (he also owns the Malibu sushi restaurant). Safe view of the lava flow on the big island Hawaii. For decades Hawaii has been a popular tropical resort - and for good reason. However, every island has a unique taste.

So who owns the Hawaiian capital?

We' re going to take a look at who owns a lot of this country this year, as we profile the 10 biggest landholders in Hawaii by area. There is one comforting fact even for the "brokeest" inhabitants of Hawaii: For every inhabitant of the islands there is about one hectare of state property.

None of us can take the name for this lawn, but the more than 1.5 million hectares of Hawaiian property (by far the biggest landlord here) make it at least likely that there will still be a lot of greenery in many years.

Editor's note: We have recorded the 193,705 acre of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. On its own, DHHL would be the islands' 4th biggest landhold. It is not surprising that the US administration owns a large part of the Aloha state, which owns almost 531,000 hectares of Hawaiian territory.

Most of this country (432,205 acres) is located on Big Island, where Uncle Sam runs the Hawai' i Volcanoes National Park. Photograph by kind permission of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. As the state and Federal Goverment make the No. 1 and No. 2 landowners by cultivable cropland, Hawaii's third-largest landlord is actually one of the greatest states in America, Kamehameha schools.

Six hundred acre are roomy to be safe. Kamehameha Schools owns over 363,000 acre in Hawai`i, with about 82% of the country on Big Island. larry ellison: one of only two "new money" landlords to be included in our top 10-listing. The former Big Five giants (and Matson mother company) Alexander & Baldwin is the islands 4th biggest landlord and the only remaining producer of sugars in the state, with almost 90,000 acre on Maui and over 20,000 acre on Kauai.

Some other" old money" landlords are the next on our lists, with the 106,883-acre Parker Ranch on Big Iceland, which arrives at number 5, and the 58,417-acre Molokai Ranch at number 7. In 2012, when Larry Ellison, CEO of the Oracles, acquired Castle & Cook's almost 90,000 acre stake in Lanai (98% of the land itself), he immediately became the 6th biggest land owner in Hawaii.

He' also one of only two new faces on Hawaii's top 10 landowner lists for many years. Eights and 9th place belongs to the Robinson offspring, who own 96,714 acre on Kauai and Ni`ihau (the latter are almost completely controlled by them).

Former AOL boss Steve Case bought the Grove Farm on Kauai in 2000. Case now owns over 36,000 acre on the Garden Isle.

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