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The Papageno Resort

Would you like to book a room at Papageno Resort? And AirAsiaGo has the best Papageno Resort prices online! The Papageno Resort has been pimped up by our expert and has a lot to say about it. The Papageno Eco-Resort celebrates a remarkable and unique beauty that can be imagined not only in its backyard. A few of the works I created for Papageno Resort, Fiji.

Papageno Resort, Kadavu, FIJI - Review Papageno Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji

This was my chance to get a massages, go to the small town of Daku, the Vunisei district of Vunisei, the Viseisei schools on the street from the airfield, the resort area, take hot, solar-powered shower and walk to the resort's small waterfalls. This was my chance to get a massages, go to the small town of Daku, the Vunisei district of Vunisei, the Viseisei schools on the street from the airfield, the resort area, take hot, solar-powered shower and walk to the resort's small waterfalls.

Favourite reminders of my time in Papageno were: to reach the Papageno Falls after a demanding walk, to visit the resort's terrain, backyards and stunning natural plants, to have a sea bath, to have a waiters (Civo and Saloti) to satisfy my diet requests, my only regrets are that I was not able to sing the Gospels at the Sunday service, to attend the web course or to see the canyons.

I' d also like to have bought tools and teaching material for the schools and the town. And I wish they would set up a jetty at Kadavu International and the resort so you don't have to get your foot soaked when you ride to and from the various rides.

Papageno, I ask you and hopefully to see you again in your summers!

Scuba Diving Kadavu - Fiji

The resort has only 16 rooms that offer a private, cosy ambience. Papageno Resort has a lot of sense of belonging. In order to preserve Fiji's tradition, the resort cultivates organically produced veggies, has an expansive garden and breeds its own pork and cattle. This is a sanctuary in front of the resort, so no one else is permitted to go diving.

Parageno also has a protected area for the endangered endemically glowing macaws of the islands, which can only be found on Kadavu. It takes care of ill and deserted birds and, if possible, leaves them back in the wilderness. Papageno is a great choice for a Fiji diver excursion for an informal, ecological environment in a quiet, scenic setting with some of Fiji's best spots, just a quick jump away.

Prices for accomodation and packages..... Please click on'Request' to submit a query for your favorite scuba kit: Further details about the parcel....... Please note: Individuals must be scuba dives, otherwise non-divers must be part of a group of at least one or more. Northern and western Kadavu (diving environment: scuba dives, current dives, sound coral cliffs, beginners & intermediate level, off the well-trodden paths; highlights: fishing schools/big pelagics) - includes Seafan Alley, Pacific Voyager, Yellow Wall, Manta Reef and Broken Stone.

There is no dive on the check-in date and the last 2 working nights of the pack. Including Resort Diving: Dive (as described in the above packages), cruises to the dive spots, dive master (maximum 4 diver per DM), tank, lead and weight belts, mask/snorkel and flippers, dive taxes, potable and refreshing beverages, refreshments, hot beverages and refreshments.

Scuba is not allowed (obligatory, unless the client provides his own): Divesequipment (BCD and regulators, ca. US$ 16 per day), . Additional daily and overnight duty tank computer, scuba computer, scuba gear insurance. The resort accomodation includes: Overnight stay, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, potable running water, non-alcoholic beverages, snack, transfer from Kadavu International Kadavu Beach Resort, free parking, free parking, free parking, free internet access, taxes.

Accomodation is not included (obligatory): It is a required surcharge for individual travelers for the exclusive booking of double/double rooms. Alcohol beverages. The Papageno is situated in Malawai Bay, on the northern shore of Kadavu near Gasele. It' about 45 min drive from Vunisea and Kadavu airport, along the south shore of the isle.

From Suva or Nadi Airport you can take the small flights to Viti Levu every day. More information can be found in our Kadavu Travelling Information section. Scuba Club and Group Discounts: Additional package: If this is your only scheduled vacation in Fiji, we strongly suggest a 2-night trip to Pacific Harbour on Viti Levu so that you can experience the unforgettable Sharkfeed Diver.

Papageno Resort offers a variety of accommodations. Dive Detail..... Papageno offers some of the best Kadavu dive experiences with 2-3 boating trips per daily. It can take you quickly and securely to over 40 fantastic dive locations at some of Fiji's best locations.

Pacific Voyager, the only shipwreck on the whole island of Kadavu, is directly behind the isle. Diving usually begins at 9:00 am with the first and the second diving session after a break with a snack and toast. For every 4 diver a diving guidebook is provided.

The entire diving tackle is worn and cleaned by the personnel, so that you can simply unwind and simply take in the adventure. The Papageno has 4 double 140 hp motor speed boats with leaders, air, kit up and shady areas that can accommodate up to 8 diver. Scubapro diving resort has the latest Scubapro diving equipments, rinsing vessels, 12 liter bottles, and a first response room with rescue ox.

Papageno's principal farmhouse has a number of secluded living rooms and a light, breezy dinning room with ocean views. It also has a small libary and a pub with a cosy lounging area for sunsets and sundowns. Chilled drinkable mineral waters and juice are available all days. Papageno's large breakfasts consist of green fruits, homemade bakery, pies and balls, teas and boiled beans.

Scuba safety, resort safety.... that includes emergencies escape. It is equipped with a DAN and a first-aid device. Includes 1 diver for every 4 diver. Resort's first responders have 8,000 liters of critical rescue oxy. There is a health centre in Vunisea at Kadavu Airport for non-diving incidents.

From Papageno it will take 30 min to get there by ferry.

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