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It' one of the polynesian isles in the pacific. There is a large Laguna and several smaller islets surrounding the archipelago, which serve as a physical obstacle. A pure paradise, pure romance, pure bliss! August is the most busy time of the year, with the least precipitation on the isle. It is a long way to paradise, but the reception of the isles will overwhelm you and any fatigue will only be a far away remember!

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VIP-Tour through Bora Bora

from Bora Bora comfortable..... This is a small excursion through Bora Bora with various stops: At last the chance to explore our beautiful sea jewels: the Tahitian Black Beads with an explanation of how they are made at the Arc En Ciel - Bora Bora (with a free gift) and back to your hotels.

Champagne & surprising present.

The Oa Oa Lodge - Bora Bora

Situated on Bora Bora is a small fashion house on the Bora Bora islands, the Oa Oa Guest House offers a choice of 8 rooms and some nice comforts. Although there are no meals or a local spas, the residence is only a few minutes walk from several shops and bars.

Featuring many good ratings and a low night tariff, this is a good place to stay if you are looking for cheap lodging that still offers you the chance to spend an above-water holiday. Oa Oa Lodge is situated in Vaitape on the Bora Bora isle. No local restaurant, but there are a few nearby, incl. the selection of bars.

There' s no local spas. If you consider that this is not the best place, the critics are quite good. Many visitors applaud the view from the above-water balcony and the situation of the hotel itself. Located so near the grocery store (along with other shops), it allows visitors to move around free and eat the meals they have bought in their rooms.

We had a few grievances, but none that kept the visitors from making an all-round good one. In order to get to the Oa Oa Oa in Tahiti first. Afterwards we continue to the Bora Bora isle. At the end of your journey you will take a free trip by boat to Vaitape Quay, where a member of the Vaitape Quay team will meet you.

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