Where is great Barrier Island

And where is the Great Barrier Island

Situated in the Auckland region, just off the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. Situated on the doorstep of Auckland, the beautiful Great Barrier Island was recently declared the International Dark Sky Sanctuary. This island is only one of three. The Great Barrier Island is a place of rugged beauty and untouched wilderness. Activities in Great Barrier Island, Auckland:

United Barrier Island, New Zealand

90 km northeast of Auckland, just over 3 hrs by boat and 30 minutes by airplane - Great Barrier Island (Aotea) is a "world in itself". Journey back in history when the streets were not sealed and the riders confirmed each other. With the lack of possum, flora is thriving and Great Barrier Island has an amazing diversity of bird species, many of which are at-risk.

The last Kauri dam left was damaged by a wind in June 2014, causing major road and road damages at the north end of the island. You will find a wide range of hiking trails, from a brief stroll to a water fall or some warm water sources to a longer stroll to the highest point of the island.

See the regenerative forests of indigenous forests and savour the untouched nature with panorama overlooks. Brunette deer, mallard, North Island caca, ribboned railing, NZ yolk and Chevronskink are just some of the threatened wildlife that this area offers. Lifestyles here are usually slow and things don't always go on schedule, but in'barrier time'.

The name Aotea is Maori for the island.

About RNZ Messages

Whilst the rains have dampened the far north since this early morning, it is not likely to get any worst there when the hurricane is moving forwards. "The rains are now pouring over large parts of the top half of the North Island. Northland has already withdrawn two of Air New Zealand's North Island services and says that other North Island services may be interrupted later.

"We' ve got many small cities up there, from northern Tolaga and some folks, but you know they're always willing to respond to anything up there. "Campesinos with stocks near brooks and river banks have been alerted to the danger of floods from strong rains and floods," Ms Bennett said.

In Gisborne, some low roads can also be affected by increasing water level when it rains heavily. The Gisborne civilian defense said Cyclone Hola slowed down and hit the area later than foreseen. It is likely that the Eastern Cape will be hardest hit by the wind. Civilian Defense said that rains would come this afternoons, with possible storms, before subsiding in the morning.

Rainfall of between 100 and 150 millimeters is anticipated just northern of the town and 70 to 100 millimeters further southwards. Up to 120 kilometres per h are forecast off the bay of Tolaga.

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