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The Mana Island Resort, Mana Island: Mana Island - Mana Island - Mana Island Hotels - Mana Island Resort. The Fiji luxury resort on a tropical island in the idyllic Mamanuca archipelago. Turtle Island and charter flights to and from the Pacific Islands. Full-Service Fiji Island Transfers to all Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands.

Hello, I have many miscellaneous critics about the.....

The room was cleared every day and personnel did a fancy work, but you just got the feel they get regular'pep conversations' on geeeting in the morning with a big bulla, not fancy at 6:30 am when your calmly losing the front of your little cottage in a small books and a. droning voices frighten the s*** out of you, and every passer-by is looking for a'BULA'.

They' re charming and do a great work, but they certainly don't look like happy people.

Could you tell me what kind of nocturnal conversation and.....

Bula, and thank you for your interest in the Plantation Iceland Resort nocturnal entertainment program. Fiji's top group Black Rose plays four evenings a time. On other evenings there is a Meke, a Fiji dancing and singing show, one evening the Polynesian fire dances are entertaining you with dances from the Pacific in a Samoan fire dancing, on evenings when the group is not performing there is a DJ, we have funny meetings with our guest during funny activity, one evening is a crab/frog races etc. We also have the big canvas for sports for those who are not allowed to miss the match.

Hopefully this will help you, best regards, Dave Woodman, GM Plantation Island Resort.

Thanks for your great criticism. You know what.....

You know what the promenades on the north side of the isle are like, there is also a store for crisp fruits and bred etc. on the isle. Are there other places to go to for dinner? There' s a small backpack ers' store, but it's small and you can dine there.

Drawbacks of the isle is the food choices especially for homes, you can see what we see in my report.

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