What's going on in Fiji

What's going on in Fiji?

Which are the best travel caf├ęs in Fiji? So what are you waiting for? " What happens if there is another cyclone? It will be a long time before Ovalau regains its beauty. Leap to What can go wrong on a Fiji family holiday?

Meteorological issue........ December/January? - Naiadan Message Board

Meteorological issue........ Okay sorry to ask the meteorological issue, but am trying to find a lovely tropical beachy Overseas Holiday Destination for the most costly season of the year - yes around Christmas and New Year! You wonder what the December/January season really is like? A few years ago we went to Fiji, and that was in October.

We' ve also traveled to Philuket 3x in June, July and September, which is during the monsoon period...... is this the same? Meteorological issue........ Usually we are in Fiji in Dec/Jan and on the isles it is mostly nice. Meteorological issue........ Meteorological issue........ During the last 3 Christmas holidays of the New Year we miss the cyclone by a few christmas holidays, but as I said, it is the rainy period, but when it is raining it still gets very hot and the last Christmas is perfectly. We remain 2.5 hrs away from Nadi and give up on the bigger insular resort, while we drive to smaller isles with nice sandy shores and without tourist.

Meteorological issue........ We' been to the island for Christmas 2013 and it was just great. There' s no moisture, no rains, just good times. Meteorological issue........ One has to consider that Fiji is on the same degree of latitude as Cairns, so that they get similar weathers. Remained on the mainland in January and had no problems.

Meteorological issue........ In the Mamanuca in Fiji for Christmas and New Year 2011. It was nice and it was nice and warm, but that's what we like. The air moisture was not poor, it rained a little, 1 overnight a severe shower, which took about an hours, and only a few downpours during the 2 week period in which we were stay.

We' re going back to Fiji this Christmas, the Mamanuca's again. Meteorological issue........


The VOU Dancing Fiji will also take part in the WOW Opening Ceremony on April 5 and present a site-specific work at the BLEACH Festival, Palm Beach Parklands on April 7 and 8. Sakiko is composer and choreographer for Fiji's international acclaimed VOU group. Following a Bachelor of Composition and a Bachelor of Performing Arts in Dancing from the University of Auckland, she went back to Fiji to pursue her passions and disseminate the magical world of Pacific guitar and guitar playing and dancing.

Sakhikos works have been staged, written and written in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, New Caledonia, PNG, Canada, the USA, the Solomon Islands, Guam, France, England, Scotland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia and of course the whole paradise of Fiji. Currently she is also Fiji Chaplain of the World Dance Alliance.

Sakiko is committed to helping to establish lasting careers in art and to developing the art industry in Fiji. Through the VOU Musik- und Tanzschule, which currently has two stores in Suva and Nadi, she wants to place over 300 pupils at the ages of 3 years with grown-ups.

Mana! of modern Filipino folk and dancing. Ta'arei founded her own multicultural dancing group with her relations and boyfriends when she was very young, she was choreographing and organizing this group, which was performing in the Suva area.

Several of her works include'The Veiqia Project', a research and dancing work on the now obsolete tradition of women's tattooing in Fiji, and several other brief works she did on the local group.

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