Where is Bora Bora Located at

Bora Bora Bora Bora?

Have you ever seen the inside of an above-water bungalow? The Beach Bungalows and Beach Villas are ideally located. Southern Pacific - Fiji, Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora FIJI is a real South Sea paradise, from palm-fringed sandy shores and crystal -clear water to grass-covered plateaus and luxuriant rainforests. Fiji is made up of minute coralline atollas, hilly forested volcanically pristine islets and is famous for its aquatic water and sandy whitemas. Hearing a hearty "good morning" and knowing that it is sincere;

listening to the tales that have made our society what it is today and sharing the smile and laugh with your new acquaintances - that is the real sweetheart of Fiji waiting to be discovered!

Lautoka, Viti Levu - Viti Levu is the biggest Fiji Republic of the world with 75% of its people. The town of Lautoka is located on the west side of Viti Levu, about 250 km from the capitol Suva. On the west side the sea is covered with the Pacific Ocean and on the other side with pinewood.

The side of the isle is more varied. Vinu LEVU - A little over 100 nautical mile long Vanua Levu (pronounced vah-NEW-ah LAY-vu) is a good basis for adventuresome minds who enjoy rain forest walks, birdwatching and snorkelling, such as playing tennis, playing a game of golf and enjoying a spa. There are craggy inner parts of the islands, and lush areas of wild grass covering the northern and western coastlines are like a Hawaiian crag.

Look over the beautiful water of the wide Savusavu Bay (fine wind surfing by the way) and you can hardly see why there are not more people. Both Tahiti and Moorea, part of the Society Islands of Polynesia, are regarded by many travellers as the final refuge.

Societal Islands (as a group) were first studied by the captains Cook and Bligh, but they became really popular through the pictures of the painter Paul Gauguin and the words of the writer James A. Michener. Topped by a ring of magnificent summits, the island of Takiti overlooks the sea with a hilly verdant inner landscape of steep dales, clear creeks and high creeks.

The Tahiti is the paradise concept of the universe. Papeete, the contemporary and busy city of Tahiti and her isles, is home to governments, gendarmes, homes and hospital, banking and many other facilities devoted to the people of the isles as well as visitors who come to these magic isles for a life-affirming adventure.

Moorean - This magic little magic shark is the inspiration for James Michener to create a book about the mythic Bali shark. "The jagged hills tower out of the sea and watch over this luxuriant isle, which offers everything from pristine sand dunes and pine apple orchards to waterfall cascades and creeks. Cruising through the luxuriant wooded interior to the Belvedere vantage point offers stunning views of the dark purple water of the Cook's and Opunohu Bay, which are the ideal anchorage for luxurious and sailingboats.

Located about 160 leagues to the north-west of Tahiti and about 2,600 leagues southwest of Hawaii, BORA BORA was explored in 1722 and is probably the most beautyful of the world and is one of the most picturesque places in the world. As soon as you arrive, the imposing Otemanu mountain and Pahia mountain, two huge volcano tops of dark rocks rising from the centre of the emerging isle, dominate.

It has several old churches and genuine Polish towns. South Pacific operatives - Fiji, Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora....

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