Islands to Visit near Auckland

Islets to visit near Auckland

Join us as we explore the beautiful Bay of Islands. The Bay of Islands travel guide Auckland' s Bay of Islands has the most beautiful New Zealand seaside resort with 144 islands and coves. It is rich in sea creatures, such as the great white whale, penguin, dolphin, booby and many other game. It is the birthplace of civilisation in Europe and has beautiful Maori cuisine.

You will find exciting adventures or tranquillity in the beautiful waters of the beautiful Bays of Islands. Its incredible scenic beauties, beautiful sandy beach and a multitude of islands provide an ideal water play area and the ideal shelter. Maori and Europe's past run through the townships of this historical cove. You will also see how Maori civilization and way of life have evolved with the age.

Whereever you are in the Bay of Islands, there are many leisure pursuits in the blue-green worlds of the islands and the beach: chartering a boat or take off, diving or snorkeling, paddling a lake canoe into and out of the corners of the islands or swimming with the sharks. The great westerner and big wild fisher, Zane Grey, put up a marquee and started his first marshlin here in 1926.

from Auckland:: Oceans and dolphins cruise, sightseeing flight and excursions to the tip of the North Island - Cape Reinga. Choose the best Bay of Islands activity while on holiday in this magic area. Well-known as the gem of the beautiful Bay of Islands. Paihia is a good starting point for your Bay of Islands adventure with its gleaming, secure water and beautiful sands.

Go for a leisurely stroll along pristine shores, take a scenic walking trip through ancient places or go fish. From Paihia, a fast cruise across the waters is the enchanting, stylish Russell Town Ship. Among the old monuments are the Catholic mission "Pompallier" and the Christ Church, which still bears the ammunition from the Maori wars.

There is also a Paihia based cruise liner. One of New Zealand's most historical places, the place where Maori and Europeans signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. Situated in the middle of a huge, quiet property that comprises a fully sculptured Maori meeting house, one of the biggest Maori war canoes, a visitor centre and a gallery.

This property is a must for any tourist interested in the New Zealand heritage and cultural life. Cerikeri was home to the scary Hongi Hika, a Maori chieftain who terrorized many strains across the North Island at the beginning of the 19th century. The Kerikeri is flooded with gardens and galeries, fruits and arts. Cerikeri also has outstanding sports establishments such as Golf, All Week Tenniss and Yacht.

As the cradle of the nation, these beautiful edifices are a must for all Bay of Islands people. Only a few-minute drive or an hour's walking distance from the Kerikeri Basin parking lot is the 27-metre-long Rainbow Falls. Opua is your harbour for those who come by boat to the Bay of Islands.

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