Chaos Daemons

Chaotic Demons

Chaotic demons from Khorne against chaotic demons from Slaanesh. ENCOURAGES x SELECTS DAEMONS x As soon as you are signed in and signed in, you can start creating themes, posting answers to your themes, giving your colleagues a call, getting your own personal messaging service, posting stats, managing your profil and more. Launched by Captain Semper, April 30, 2018 ETL VI, E Tenebrae Lux and 2 more...


Launched by WarriorFish, May 31, 2017 Slaanesh, Daemons, Daemonettes and 1 more.... Launched by Prot, January 16, 2018 KDK, Khorne, World √Čaters and 2 more..... Range support for Nurgle Daemons?

40K: Chaos Demon Warp Bomb

With the new Chaos Daemons Codex LOTTS the Demizens of the Warp will be able to cause headaches!} Prepare to crouch and cover*, because the Chaos Demons will put a Bombs on the table. In their latest installment, Games Workshop showed that Dennizens of the Warp, a new strategist, will be able to work with the keyword to every game.

So, what's the big thing and what's the strategy? Many people will think: "What is the problem? Can' t demons be called already? Now, let's discuss why it's such a biggie. First, it is NOT an incantation - so it cannot fall.

Secondly, it is just like the Alpha Legion/Raven Guard/Etc. model, where you can use these stratagems as often before the match as you can output command points. And again it's before the match, so you can earn all your points if you want. Third, it is for ANY entity with the key word Daumon.

This is true for almost everything in Chaos Daemons Codex as well as for some of the Chaos Space Marines and Death Guard Codexes. If you drop a daemon primary like Magnus or Mortarion, it means that he can jump out, be Warp Time, and be in your face before you can do EVERYTHING to react.

For those people who think: "I just take out my air cushion film and save the muddy, mushy parts of my army" - these boys can FLEY. All of a sudden, Codex: Mayhem Daemons just got a whole hell of a deal more interesting. Which demon troops are you now looking forward to "Deepstriking"?

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