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The Fiji Palms Beach Resort has saved our holiday. Receive Fiji vacation rental deals on houses, cabins, beach houses, houses, villas, villas, condos, hotels and more. Fiji Mana Island Resort & Spa. Do you want to know what to expect during your holiday at the Hotel Namale Fiji Resort?

Fiji-holidays - Review of Bulaccino Cafe, Nadi, Fiji

The best breakfasts in Nadi are safe. Offers a refined and quiet buffet break with swags. It is an effective and effective tool. This meal is tasty. Otherwise this place provides what the exquisite establishments and eateries in Vitilevu lack and that is good tasting meals that offer an effective and tasty delicacy. Beautiful choice of menus.

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Holidays in Fiji - Review Volivoli Beach Resort Fiji, Rakiraki

This is a nice place on the top and some employees are totally adorable. There is a seperate surcharge and you can only use 2 units per cabin, you must prepay to get linen for the swimming bath or swimming baths, and then you will get a refund when you give back the linen at the checkout, the a la card bed & breakfasts are somewhat meagre, you must make a returnable "key deposit" when checking in, etc...

They can' t drank the mains running on their own, but they have a jug of "filtered" room water.......there is an additional cost for filled drinking it. We both had bowel problems during our sojourn, which we take from the strained waters, because we did not drank from the faucet.

There' s a washer in the bedroom (no detergent ), which is beautiful.......... but they only provide you with pegs and a line to tumble your clothing, there is no tumble-drier. This is not very practical, especially if it rains, or if you want to do your underwear at the end of the workday.

I asked the house personnel one afternoons for an additional swimming sheet, but they declined to give us one, I estimate 2 per room is all that is allow. I can only suppose from some of their guidelines that the owner must be very worried that visitors would rob them, or that they are very negligent.

Not nearly enough deckchairs were there for all the people who wanted one after the "divers" had come back from their outings. Situated on a hill with breathtaking view, the residence is a little hard to reach.

The room has no TVs or telephones and the residence is in a secluded area. First-evening supper wasn't a great event either. In fact, it was hard to even listen to the barmaid when she came to our desk, and she was right next to us. This was not the personnel culpability, it is only the nature of the customers that the resorts seems to serve.

Dinner was good that evening and it came to the dinner as I wished, but I was hoping for a more merciful wait. Later, during our visit, after the employees got to know us better, the services seemed to be improving. I' m guessing most people eat very early. At the end of our first evening, the employees did their best to find us calm desks for our meal.

We may have had an uncommon period with large diving groups, but it definitely affected our pleasure in our sojourn there. But if you have any problems with mobility/heart/back/breath..... and if you are not a diver and are slightly tired.... a visit to Volivoli may not be the best for you.

Blossomaire, Thank you for taking the liberty of writing such a comment. I am very glad that you were able to enjoy the view from your room, although it seems as if we disappointed you in some other areas. We have a seperate fee for our web site, unfortunately the provision of web on the islands is very costly, so we as a company can't just give it away for free.

If the $100FJ for 7 day unrestricted wifi is not too much of a cost for our customers, just to make it clear that only 2 units can be on your wifi at the same time, when you sign out, you can sign in another unit.

The Volivoli is a very secluded place and lies on the northernmost promontory of Viti Levu, which also means that it is partly craggy. That can certainly make it hard for visitors with limited transport. If this is the case, we have a trolley available to support our customers if necessary, but this can have some shorter waits to get the riders in the car.

When we were very occupied with scuba diving in large groups, you happened to be in Volivoli, which can be a bit exaggerated for single travelers, as the groups that already know each other have a great tendency to have a great and sometimes loudly.

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